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Royal Canadian Mounted Police Jobs 2024 – Apply Here

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is the national police force of Canada. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, also known as the Mounties, provide a variety of services to the country, ranging from municipal and federal law enforcement to national security intelligence gathering. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police was established 150 years ago, in 1873.

Ever Since their formation approximately a century and a half ago, they have developed alongside and for Canadians. Previously, it was known as the North Western Mounted Police (NWMP). The force was renamed the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1920. Now, let’s delve deeper into the opportunities, responsibilities, and benefits of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Jobs.

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Why do I want to work for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police?

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police offers more than one hundred fifty specializations. Employment with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is extremely rewarding. Both training and employment fill you with a great deal of energy. You will be liable for ensuring the safety of Canadian citizens and their interests by preventing crime in the nation. You will also be responsible for assisting Canadians in times of emergency.
If you want to make a difference in your community, province, and country, discourage doubt. Start applying immediately!


Benefits of Royal Canadian Mounted Police Jobs:

  • Employment Security: The RCMP offers an exceptional degree of employment security as a result of the critical nature of law enforcement services in Canada. The organization maintains a robust presence throughout the nation and serves as a pillar of national security.
  • Salary Competitiveness: In addition to competitive salaries and benefits, RCMP officers frequently receive supplementary allowances that are contingent upon their language proficiency, specialized abilities, or deployment to remote or in-demand regions.
  • An all-encompassing benefits package: A comprehensive benefits program is available to RCMP employees, comprising provisions for dental and medical care, life insurance, disability benefits, pension schemes, and avenues for accumulating funds for retirement.
  • Education and Professional Development: Comprehensive training programs are provided by the RCMP to furnish officers with the requisite expertise and competencies for their respective positions. These benefits consist of continuous professional development, recruit training at the RCMP Training Academy (“Depot”), and opportunities for specialization in diverse domains including narcotics enforcement, tactical operations, forensic identification, and forensic identification.
  • A Wide Range of Assignments: In addition to international deployments and community policing, RCMP officers are allowed to serve in specialized divisions (e.g., Major Crimes, Traffic Services), conduct undercover operations, and perform general duty policing.
  • Community Participation: Community engagement and partnership are priorities for the RCMP to resolve local concerns and earn the public’s trust. To promote the safety and well-being of the community, officers may engage in outreach initiatives, collaborate with other organizations, and interact with community members.
  • Promising Advancement Prospects: Opportunities for career progression and advancement through various grades and leadership positions are available within the RCMP. Based on their qualifications, performance, and experience, officers may pursue advancing positions.
  • Life-Work Balance: Despite the demanding nature of law enforcement, the RCMP endeavors to promote work-life balance among its personnel. This includes vacation time, flexible scheduling options, and mental health and wellness support services.
  • A Proud Heritage and Tradition: Originating in 1873, the RCMP has accumulated a rich and eventful past. Joining the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) provides the chance to actively participate in this esteemed heritage and make a positive contribution to its enduring reputation for integrity and diligence.
  • Service to the Public and Its Impact: The influence of RCMP officers on the safety and security of communities throughout Canada is significant and direct. A career in law enforcement affords individuals the chance to effectuate a constructive transformation in the lives of others, safeguard the rights and liberties of Canadian citizens, and maintain adherence to legal principles.

What are the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Jobs?

Let us now discuss the career opportunities available within the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Officers of the law: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is seeking motivated team players who are also effective communicators and appreciate working with diverse communities. The RCMP offers police services on international, federal, provincial, and municipal scales.

Their main roles include:

  • Combat and prevent criminality
  • Enforce federal, territorial, and municipal law
  • Establish and maintain ties with various communities.
  • Work to ensure the safety of Canadians.

There are several specializations offered under the Police Officer Careers in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police jobs. They are:

  • Indigenous Community Policing Forensic Identification General Police Duties Financial Crime Emergency Response Team, etc.

Civilian Employee Careers:

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police employs two categories of civilian employees who are not police officers. They are Civilian members and personnel of the Public Service. There are a variety of civilian and Public service positions available at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. They constitute

  • Criminal Intelligence
  • Forensics
  • Psychological Analysis and Research
  • Human Capital
  • Support for Air and Marine Operations Administrative Health and Safety
  • Technologists, technicians, etc.

Community Constables:

Typically, they serve their local communities. Their primary responsibility is to partake in crime prevention and other crime reduction efforts in their communities.

Indigenous Pre-Cadet Training Program

The Indigenous Pre-Cadet Training Program (IPTP) is a three-week training program.

As an IPTP candidate, your main roles include:

  • Learning how to function within a police squad
  • Training in physical conditioning and drill
  • Criminal Code and RCMP policy education
  • Developing the necessary abilities to apply for a position as a police officer

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Reserve Program

In the RCMP Reserve program, retired police officers are hired to fill temporary vacancies. Their primary responsibilities include:

  • Temporary replacement of operational personnel absent on leave
  • During special events or emergency situations, it may be necessary to move into position.

Volunteer Programs

Volunteers play a crucial role in the successful administration of community policing services by the RCMP. The primary objective of volunteer programs is to supplement existing employees, not supplant them.

The main duties of the volunteers in RCMP include:

  • Additional initiatives
  • Rescue and Search
  • Pipes and percussion ensemble
  • Bike Rodeos/Patrols
  • Serve in Local Police stations.
  • Aid in Airport and Coastal Observations
  • Assist the Community Advisory Committee, Operation Red Nose Block Watch, and other similar initiatives.


Jobs with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have a distinguished history. They were established in 1873. Since their establishment with and for the Canadian people, they have developed and thrived. It is commendable that they have worked for the safety of Canadians for the past one and a half centuries. Therefore, if you aspire to obtain employment with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, start applying immediately! Do not delay!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How to join the Royal Canadian Mounted Police?

    Application process
    Step One: Get the ball rolling: Submit an online application.
    Step Two: Learn more about a career in policing: Attend a career presentation and complete the RCMP online entrance assessment.

  2. What is the job of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police?

    As an RCMP police officer, you will work to prevent and solve crime, enforce federal, provincial/territorial, and municipal law, and build and maintain relationships with communities.

  3. What is the age limit for the RCMP?

    While you can apply to the RCMP and go through the selection process and basic training at 18 years of age, you cannot be hired to work as a police officer until you are 19 years old. There is no maximum age limit for applying to the RCMP.

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