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School Librarian Jobs in China 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

A reputable client of SEEK Teachers is seeking an experienced Secondary School Librarian to join their team. The position will be located on their Beijing campus and comes with a very competitive compensation package!

The client is a private K-12 bilingual school in Beijing that is part of a well-established school group in China and offers a unique bilingual education. The Beijing campus is both an IB World School and a WASC, Western Association of Schools and Colleges, accredited school. You must possess a relevant degree or at least relevant experience. Let’s learn everything there is to know about School Librarian Jobs in China with Visa Sponsorship, Free Housing, and Annual Flights.

Details Of School Librarian Jobs in China:

 Job CountryChina
Job TypeLibrarian
Minimum Experience RequiredMinimum 2 Years
Education Required M.Ed, B.Ed or a relevant Bachelor’s Degree with a Teaching Qualification
Any Age LimitNo
Employment TermPermanent and Full-Time
Salary Monthly12000 RMB per month

Job Requirements:

A librarian with an M.Ed, B.Ed, or a relevant Bachelor’s Degree with a Teaching Qualification, or any Degree/ Diploma/ Certification of Library Sciences with equivalent qualification.

  • A bachelor’s degree or higher in a relevant field is required.
  • Experience working within an international institution is preferred.
  • Minimum of three years experience in a similar discipline
  • Strong communication abilities and adaptability to a new culture

Job Responsibilities of a School Librarian:

  • Collecting and cataloging library materials, such as books, films, and publications.
  • Facilitating the discovery of reference and recreational reading materials.
  • Maintaining and assuring the accuracy of library records.
  • Conducting periodic audits of the information and stock on file.
  • Educating patrons on how to search library databases effectively for information.
  • Budgeting, planning, and employee activity management.
  • Supervise the circulation of literature and other resource materials.
  • Hosting book sales, author signings, and other reading events.
  • Providing clarification on the use of library amenities and information on library policies.
  • Ensure that the library meets the requirements of specific user groups, such as postgraduate and disabled students.

Benefits of School Librarian Jobs in China:

  • Fostering Reading Pleasure: School librarians can encourage students to peruse and explore books, fostering a lifelong appreciation for reading and learning.
  • Supporting Academic Achievement: They provide access to educational resources, research materials, and reference materials, enabling students to excel academically.
  • Increasing information literacy: The information literacy skills that librarians teach students, such as how to evaluate sources, conduct research, and properly cite information, are essential for academic and professional success.
  • Creating a Warm and Friendly Environment: Frequently, librarians create a welcoming and inclusive environment where students feel secure exploring and studying, thereby enhancing the school experience as a whole.
  • Professional Progress: School librarians can engage in professional development by attending workshops, conferences, and training sessions to remain abreast of the most recent library science and education trends.
  • Collaborative work: They collaborate with teachers to incorporate library resources into the curriculum, thereby enhancing the learning experience of students and bolstering teachers’ efforts.
  • Cultural and Diversity Sensitivity: Diverse collections of books and materials that reflect various cultures and points of view are curated by librarians to promote diversity and inclusion within the school community.
  • Research and Bibliographic Support: The assistance of librarians in conducting research, locating credible sources, and answering reference inquiries is beneficial for academic projects and assignments.
  • Technology Adoption: Frequently, they oversee digital resources, e-books, online databases, and library management systems, assisting students in navigating and maximizing technology for learning.
  • Community Participation: By organizing events, book clubs, author visits, and literacy programs, school librarians can engage with the larger school community, nurturing a sense of community and a passion for learning.
  • Job Security: Positions as a school librarian are typically part of the school’s personnel, providing job security and the possibility of long-term employment.
  • Summer Vacations: Depending on the school calendar, school librarians may enjoy longer summer vacations that correspond with the academic calendar.
  • Personal Satisfaction: Numerous school librarians find their work personally satisfying because of the positive influence they have on the education and development of students as readers and learners.
  • Investment in Education: Contributing considerably to the school’s educational mission, school librarians help students develop critical thinking skills, a thirst for knowledge, and the capacity to become lifelong learners.

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Who Can Apply for School Librarian Jobs in China?

All Asian, African, and Latin American nations that target the United Kingdom and other European nations for future employment can apply for Bakery Jobs in Scotland with Visa Sponsorship.

  • Pakistan
  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Anguilla
  • Antigua
  • Barbuda
  • Barbados
  • Mexico
  • Jamaica
  • Dominicia
  • Sudan
  • Grenada
  • Trinidad
  • Tobago
  • Lucia
  • Vincent
  • The Grenadines
  • Kitts-Nevis
  • Montserrat.
  • All European, Asian, and African nationalities can apply.

How to Apply for School Librarian Jobs in China?

Click on the link below to apply directly through Hired China

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People Also Ask:

  1. What is the job of school library staff?

    instructing students in the selection and use of research materials and technology; planning, organizing, coordinating, supervising, and providing library services in assigned school libraries; purchasing and cataloging books for library collections; processing and circulation of library books, materials, and equipment; process and shelf library.

  2. What is the responsibility of a librarian?

    A Librarian is a professional who facilitates access to information and resources within a library. They curate collections, develop educational programs, manage databases, and oversee library staff.

  3. What are the duties of an assistant librarian?

    Sort and shelve books according to their categorization.
    Register new patrons and maintain and update their profiles.
    Maintain records of books taken out and books brought back.
    Catalog new arrivals.
    Assist guests with internet access and ensure their technical needs are met.

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