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Senior Manager Jobs In Canada 2024 – Apply Now

Loblaws has issued an announcement inviting applicants for the position of Senior Manager. In addition to exerting their uttermost effort, candidates must have a comprehensive understanding of their duties and responsibilities. In addition to ensuring that eCommerce Technology initiatives are delivered on time, they are responsible for fostering collaboration and enabling our cross-functional teams.

Details Of Senior Manager Jobs In Canada:

  • Employer Name: Loblaws
  • Position: Senior Manager
  • Salary: $75,996 – $146,474 per year
  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • Location: 40 Hanna Ave., Toronto, ON

Job description

  • Candidates will oversee a team of empowered technical project managers who manage end-to-end planning and management of technical solutions for business and technology initiatives
  • They will collaborate with product, technology, and business leaders to drive business objectives through plan accountability and support planning in accordance with annual roadmaps, budgets, and end-to-end delivery plans.
  • They will lead a domain of technical projects/initiatives with an emphasis on effective delivery plan management while nurturing relationship management, stakeholder communication, and management of cross-team dependencies; and they will operate both strategically and tactically in managing initiatives.

Job requirement

  • Candidates must have exceptional project and time management skills, with responsibilities spanning both strategic and tactical requirements.
  • They must have experience conveying technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders.

Work setting

  • Candidates must be able to facilitate and enable concise and plain communication among cross-functional partners.
  • They should be able to exemplify our culture within your team, the functional practice, and throughout the organization as a whole.

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Benefits of Senior Manager Jobs In Canada:

  • Management Development: Team administrators have the chance to develop and hone their leadership abilities. Management of a team necessitates making crucial decisions, establishing objectives, providing direction, and resolving conflicts, all of which contribute to leadership development.
  • Profession Advancement: Senior manager positions are frequently launching stones to more senior management positions. It can be beneficial for those seeking to advance in their careers.
  • Increased Responsibility: Senior leaders are accountable for their team members’ performance and well-being. This additional responsibility can be rewarding and aid in the development of a greater sense of accountability.
  • Ability Improvement: A diverse set of skills, including communication, problem-solving, time management, and decision-making, are required for Senior management. These abilities are transferable and advantageous for a variety of career paths.
  • Effect and Influence: Senior managers have the ability to influence the success and direction of their organizations. They can influence team culture, boost productivity, and contribute to the accomplishment of organizational objectives.
  • Job Protection: Leadership positions are in high demand, and companies value individuals who can manage teams effectively. This can contribute to employment security.
  • Financial Benefits: Due to the elevated level of responsibility and leadership required by the position, many Senior manager positions come with competitive salaries and benefits packages.
  • Persona Development: Being a senior manager can be personally satisfying. It enables individuals to facilitate the growth and success of others, which can be extremely rewarding.
  • Networking Possibilities: Senior managers frequently interact with coworkers, superiors, and external stakeholders, providing them with invaluable opportunities for advancing their careers through networking.
  • Problem Resolution: Senior managers are frequently tasked with resolving complex issues and making crucial decisions. This can be intellectually engaging and professionally rewarding.
  • Staff Development: The senior manager plays a crucial role in their team members’ professional development. They can assist employees in acquiring new skills, establishing career objectives, and navigating their career paths.
  • Contributing to the Success of the Organization: Effective team administrators directly contribute to the success of their organizations by ensuring that teams achieve their objectives and produce results.
  • Job Diversity: The roles of Senior managers are dynamic and varied, with a variety of responsibilities that can make the work fascinating and engaging.
  • Recognition and admiration: Due to their leadership and contributions to the organization, Senior managers frequently gain the admiration and respect of their peers and superiors.

How to Apply For Senior Manager Jobs In Canada?

The registration procedure for the Senior Manager position is currently open to all qualified and interested candidates. We urge individuals to click the link below and swiftly complete their registration with accurate information, as it will conclude momentarily.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How much does a senior operations manager make in Canada?

    The average salary for a Senior Operations Manager is $115,314 per year in Canada. The average additional cash compensation for a Senior Operations Manager in Canada is $14,293, with a range from $6,236 – $32,757.

  2. What is the highest salary of a senior manager?

    The highest salary that a Senior Manager can earn is ₹37.0 Lakhs per year (₹3.1L per month).

  3. Is operations management in demand in Canada?

    Operations managers and supply chain managers are two of the most in-demand jobs in today’s market. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, expected job growth for operational management professionals is about 17.5 percent through 2025.

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