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Singapore Employment Agencies 2024 – Visit Here

The Singapore Employment Agencies List has been recognized and authorized by the Ministry of Manpower. You will be paid at least $3000 a month, and some recruitment firms will even arrange for you to stay and eat. Singaporean recruitment companies play a significant role in connecting job seekers with potential employers in the Singapore job market.

Singapore is a small island nation. According to Randstad, the Ministry of Manpower lists over 1000 Approved agencies. Singapore Passport is now the world’s most powerful passport, ranking first. These organizations can hire foreign staff. The following is a list of recruitment agencies and their contact information.

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List of Singapore Employment Agencies:

You can use this web service to find Singapore employment agencies. These organizations can hire foreign staff.


The Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) maintains an employment agency directory.

You can access the online list of Agencies via the following link:

Skill Shortages in Singapore:

According to a Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) research, if you have qualifications and expertise in any of these fields, you are more likely to receive a job in Singapore as well as the Singapore Employment Pass.

AgritechAlternative protein food application scientist
Novel food biotechnologist
Financial servicesFinancial/investment adviser (ultra-high/high net worth, family office & philanthropy)
Green economyCarbon project/program manager
Carbon standards and methodology analyst
Carbon trader
Carbon verification and audit specialist
HealthcareClinical psychologist
Diagnostic radiographer
Occupational therapist
Registered nurse
Infocomm TechnologyAI scientist/engineer
Applications/systems programmer
Cloud Specialist
Cyber risk specialist
Cybersecurity architect
Cybersecurity operations specialist
Data scientist
Digital forensics specialist
Penetration testing specialist
Product manager (digital)
Software and applications manager (technical lead/supervisor)
Software Developer
Web and mobile applications developer
MaritimeMarine Superintendent
Marine technical superintendent

Benefits of Singapore Employment Agencies

For Job Seekers:

  • Access to Opportunities: Employment agencies frequently have access to a vast selection of job vacancies in a variety of industries, thereby expanding the options available to job seekers.
  • Industry Insights: These agencies can assist job seekers in making well-informed decisions regarding their careers by providing insights into particular industries, career trajectories, and market trends.
  • Matching Skills to Jobs: The organization focuses on the specialized task of aligning the preferences, qualifications, and skills of candidates with appropriate job vacancies, thereby augmenting the probability of securing a suitable employment arrangement.
  • Networking: Employment agencies frequently maintain relationships with a large number of businesses, thereby providing job applicants with access to a more extensive network of prospective employers.
  • Application Process Streamlining: Employment agencies can optimize the job application process by offering assistance with resume construction, interview readiness, and if required, skill development programs.

For Employers:

  • Access to Talent Pool: Employment agencies provide employers with access to a talent pool comprising of qualified candidates, thereby facilitating the expeditious identification of appropriate candidates to fill job openings.
  • Time and Resource Savings: By delegating the recruitment process to agencies, businesses can effectively manage their time and resources that would have otherwise been allocated to candidate procurement, screening, and interviews.
  • Proficient in Recruitment: Employment agencies frequently staff seasoned recruiters who possess specialized knowledge and skills in the field to locate the most suitable candidates for particular positions.
  • Temporary Staffing Solutions: Temporary staffing solutions are available from agencies to assist businesses in managing staff shortages or completing short-term projects, thereby providing them with increased flexibility.
  • Mitigated Hiring Risks: Using preliminary evaluations, background checks, and skill assessments, agencies can reduce the likelihood of employing candidates who may not possess the requisite qualifications.

Recruitment Agencies With Accommodation:

Here are a few examples of Singapore recruitment agencies that offer housing and/or meals:

  • MIP International Manpower Services INC.
  • ManpowerGroup Singapore
  • Randstad Singapore
  • Robert Walters Singapore
  • Kelly Services Singapore

What do you have to do as a Job Seeker?

As a job seeker, you will need to discover a recruiting firm that can assist you in finding a position with a business in your sector. Your task is to locate an experienced Expertise Recruiter.

Top Singapore Employment Agencies

  • Randstad
  • Adecco
  • Hays
  • Manpower
  • Michael Page
  • PersolKelly
  • Robert Half
  • Robert Walters

What do Recruitment Agencies do in Singapore?

Singapore employment agencies assist businesses with their recruitment and staffing needs. The Recruitment Agency serves as a go-between. It connects the company’s requirements with a candidate profile.

Singapore Work Visa:

Those who have been offered a job in Singapore are issued an employment pass by the Ministry of Manpower. You may learn more about Singapore Employment Pass Requirements in our post.

For More Info:

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  1. How much do employment agencies charge in Singapore?

    Singapore Employment Agencies (EAs) are allowed to charge more than 1 month of the worker’s fixed monthly salary for each year of service. This fee cap is put in place to protect vulnerable workers.

  2. How to find a recruiter in Singapore?

    With so many recruitment agencies in Singapore, you can easily find a recruiter near you by searching online, asking friends for recommendations, or contacting them directly.

  3. Can I go to Singapore without an agent?

    No. Getting a Singapore visitor visa is a relatively easy task. You will need to apply to any of the authorized agents, who will then process your visa online.

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