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Teaching jobs in Austria 2024 – Apply Now

Are you a dedicated teacher looking for a new challenge? Have you ever thought about taking your skills to another country? You’re in the right place if so. This article about Teaching Jobs in Austria 2024 is written just for people like you who want to learn more about educational possibilities in Austria.

We know that the thought of working abroad can be both exciting and scary. Because of this, we have gathered the most up-to-date information on teaching jobs in Austria for 2024. You can choose from a huge number of choices, no matter how long you’ve been teaching or when you graduated.

Now, let’s start this trip together. We’ll tell you what you need to do to apply, what you can expect from living and working in Austria, and what skills you need. After reading this piece, you’ll know everything you need to know to make a smart choice about your next career move.

The demand for teachers in Austria in 2024

The demand for teachers in Austria in 2024 is influenced by several factors:


1. Teacher Shortages:

Austria, like many other places, is having trouble dealing with a lack of teachers. Around the world, 69 million teachers will need to be hired by 2030.

2. Demand for Specific Professions:

In Austria, people are looking for people with certain jobs. To give you an example, one of the most-wanted jobs in the country in 2024 is English teacher.

3. Retirement of Current Teachers:

The demand is also affected by the fact that a lot of teachers are about to leave. For example, 2,700 teachers will be retiring every year for the next ten years. This means that there will be an incredible 8,700 openings for teachers just in 2024.

4. Policy Initiatives:

Austria has put in place a number of policies that are meant to balance the supply and demand of teachers. Some of these are changes to how teachers are trained and other ways to get teaching credentials.

Exploring Teaching Opportunities in Austria

Austria has a wide range of teaching jobs in schools and colleges, from elementary schools to universities. Let’s look at the wide range of options that are out there:

1. Primary School Teaching Positions

At the elementary level, teaching kids needs patience, creativity, and hard work. Primary school teachers are very important for setting the stage for a child’s education.

Austria offers numerous vacancies for primary school teachers, with an emphasis on holistic development and personalized learning experiences.

2. Secondary School Teaching Positions

When students are in secondary school, teachers can go into subjects more deeply and help them through important academic years. Secondary school teachers in Austria need to know a lot about their subjects, be good at talking to kids, and really want to inspire them.

3. Higher Education Teaching Positions

Higher education schools in Austria offer interesting teaching jobs for people who want to make a difference in academia and research. From lecturers to professors, higher education teachers shape the next generation of professionals and help their areas learn more.

3. Special Education Teaching Positions

Special education teachers help students with a wide range of learning needs in very important ways. Austria puts a lot of effort into inclusive education, which gives teachers chances to make a change in the lives of all of their students.

4. Language Teaching Positions

Austria is a great place for language teachers from all over the world to live because it is very international. Teaching language skills, like German, English, or another language, lets people from all over the world interact and understand each other’s cultures.

5. Online Teaching Opportunities

Online training has become popular in this digital age because it is flexible and easy to access. Look into teaching jobs in Austria that you can do from home. These jobs can help students of all ages and backgrounds.

6. Professional Development and Training Roles

Austria gives teachers more than just the chance to teach in a classroom. They can also get professional growth and training. Help other teachers improve their skills and ways of teaching by leading workshops, seminars, and gatherings.

7. Administrative and Leadership Positions

For teachers with a lot of experience, leadership positions in educational management can help bring about change and new ideas in the school. The future of education in Austria is shaped by people in leadership roles, from school principals to people who make decisions about education.

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Current Teaching Jobs available in Austria 2024

Here are some of the current teaching job opportunities available in Austria for 2024:

  • Clinician (RN/LPN) Pulmonary Clinic Part-Time at CHRISTUS Health.
  • Lecturer positions available Fall 2024 at the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators
  • Mechanical Engineer at Dynamics ATS
  • Training Manager with experience in Petrochemical and LNG facility at Dynamics ATS
  • Rooms Operations Manager
  • Lead Service Electrician for contractors and subcontractors at Dynamics ATS
  • Certified Surgical Technician at Dynamics ATS
  • Peer-assisted learning mentor (PAL mentor)
  • AEN (Additional Educational Needs) Specialist (f/m/d) at AMADEUS International School Vienna, Austria.
  • Physics Teacher (f/m/d) for MYP & DP at AMADEUS International School Vienna, Austria.
  • Physics & Mathematics Teacher (f/m/d) for IB DP at AMADEUS International School Vienna, Austria.
  • Teacher of Mathematics at St. Gilgen International School, Austria.
  • Primary Teacher and Assistant Head of Primary Behavioural Leadership, Wellbeing & Inclusion (f/m/d) at AMADEUS International School Vienna, Austria.

Qualifications Required for Austrian Teaching Positions in 2024

The qualifications needed for teaching jobs in Austria typically include:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree: Most teaching positions in Austria require a Bachelor’s degree.
  2. TEFL Certificate: A 120-hour TEFL qualification is required for most jobs. An internationally recognized TEFL certificate can increase your chances of securing an English teaching position.
  3. Qualified Teacher Status (QTS): Jobs in international schools often require teachers with QTS.

Navigating the Job Application Process

To get a job as a teacher in Austria, you need to be smart about how you apply. Here are some important steps you can take to improve your chances:

1. Researching Educational Institutions

Do some study on schools all over Austria to start. Find out if their purpose, values, and ways of teaching are in line with your own.

2. Crafting a Compelling CV and Cover Letter

Customize your CV and cover letter to show off your experience, skills, and accomplishments that are relevant to the job. Stress how much you love teaching and want your students to do well.

3. Networking and Professional Development

Go to workshops, conferences, and events connected to education to meet new people and keep up with changes in your field. Making connections can help you find jobs and work together.

4. Preparing for Interviews

Do well in interviews by practicing common teaching situations, talking about your teaching theory, and showing that you can connect with students well.

5. Staying Resilient and Persistent

It can be hard to find a job, but you need to keep looking. Stay strong, keep improving your skills, and take advantage of every chance to grow.

The average salary for a teacher in Austria

In Austria, the average teacher makes about €52,447 a year, which is about €251 an hour. Besides that, they get a bonus of €1,1121 on average. But it’s important to remember that this can be different depending on things like the amount of experience of the teacher, the subject taught, and where in Austria the school is located.

By comparison, an OECD study found that Austrian teachers with 10 years of experience make about €55,799 per year, which is about $59,852 USD. This is a lot more than the average OECD salary of $51,000 USD. In the list, this puts Austria in fourth place.

When it comes to other German-speaking countries that Austria fights with for teachers, however, it is behind Germany and Switzerland2. One example is that a teacher in Germany with 10 years of experience can expect to make $91,729 USD (about €85,400) a year. The price is $98,468 USD, which is about €91,700.


For teachers who want to broaden their views, teaching in Austria is a one-of-a-kind and rewarding experience. Teachers are in high demand because of retirements, shortages, and specific job needs. There are many open roles at all levels of education. Austria’s dedication to open education and professional growth makes it easy for teachers to do their best. Understanding the qualifications needed, applying for jobs correctly, and getting ready for life in Austria will help you start a fulfilling career in this beautiful and culturally rich country. Austria has something for every teacher who is ready for a new challenge, whether they want to live in a busy city or a beautiful rural area.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the qualifications required to teach in Austria?

    Most teaching positions in Austria require a Bachelor’s degree and a 120-hour TEFL certificate for English teaching jobs. Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) is often needed for positions in international schools.

  2. What is the demand for teachers in Austria

    There is a high demand because there aren’t enough teachers, a lot of people are retiring, and certain jobs like English teachers are needed. In 2024, there will likely be about 8,700 teaching jobs open.

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