UAF Admission For Master Programs 2024 – Apply Here

The University of Agriculture Faisalabad admissions office has announced that applications are now being accepted. The alma mater accepts online applications for the following MS Master degree programs:

  • M.Phil. degree in Physics
  • M.Phil. degree in Statistics
  • M.Phil. degree in Education
  • M.Phil. degree in Chemistry
  • M.Phil. degree in Sociology
  • M.Phil. degree in Management
  • M.Phil. degree in Economics
  • M.Phil. degree in Zoology
  • M.SC. [ ENGG.] degree in Agriculture Engineering
  • M.SC. [ ENGG.] degree in Energy Systems Engineering
  • M.SC. [ ENGG.] degree in Environmental Engineering
  • M.Sc. [Hons] degree in Physics
  • M.Sc. [Hons] degree in Dairy Technology
  • M.Sc. [Hons] degree in Animal Nutrition
  • M.Sc. [Hons] degree in Plant Pathology
  • M.Sc. [Hons] degree in Rural Sociology
  • M.Sc. [Hons] degree in Food & Nutrition
  • M.Sc. [Hons] degree in Home Economics
  • M.Sc. [Hons] degree in Poultry Sciences
  • M.Sc. [Hons] degree in Animal Breeding & Genetics
  • M.Sc. [Hons] degree in Food Technology
  • M.Sc. [Hons] degree in Seed Science & Technology
  • M.Sc. [Hons] degree in Forestry
  • M.Sc. [Hons] degree in Agronomy
  • M.Sc. [Hons] degree in Clinical Medicine & Surgery
  • M.Sc. [Hons] degree in Biotechnology
  • M.Sc. [Hons] degree in Horticulture
  • M.Sc. [Hons] degree in Climate Change
  • M.Sc. [Hons] degree in Entomology
  • M.Sc. [Hons] degree in Livestock Management
  • M.Sc. [Hons] degree in Development Economics
  • M.Sc. [Hons] degree in Human Diet & Nutrition
  • M.Sc. [Hons] degree in Agricultural Extension
  • M.Sc. [Hons] degree in Environmental Sciences
  • M.Sc. [Hons] degree in Agricultural Economics
  • M.Sc. [Hons] degree in Soil Science
  • M.Sc. [Hons] degree in Botany
  • M.Sc. [Hons] degree in Food Engineering
  • M.Sc. [Hons] degree in Plant Breeding & Genetics
  • M.Sc. [Hons] degree in Biochemistry
  • MBA degree in Business Administration
  • MS degree in Water Resources Engineering
  • MS degree in Physiology
  • MS degree in Agricultural Biotechnology
  • MS degree in Software Engineering
  • MS degree in Food Quality Management
  • MS degree in Pathology
  • MS degree in Computer Science
  • MS degree in Environmental & Resource Economics
  • MS degree in Mathematics
  • MS degree in Parasitology
  • MS degree in Rural Development
  • MS degree in Epidemiology & Public Health
  • MS degree in Microbiology
  • MS degree in Anatomy
  • MS degree in Textile Technology
  • MS degree in Theriogenology
  • MS degree in Pharmacology
  • MS degree in Finance
  • MS degree in Agricultural Business

Benefits of UAF Admission For Master Programs:

  • Quality Education: The University of Alaska Fairbanks is noted for its high-quality academic programs and professors, which provide students with a solid foundation in their chosen field of study.
  • Specialized degrees: The University of Alaska Fairbanks provides a variety of master’s degrees in agriculture, natural sciences, social sciences, business, and other subjects, allowing students to specialize in their area of interest.
  • Opportunities for Research: UAF is involved in cutting-edge research in a variety of subjects, and master’s students frequently have the opportunity to participate in research projects and contribute to the advancement of knowledge.
  • Career Advancement: A master’s degree from UAF can improve your job opportunities, open doors to more senior roles, and increase your earning potential.
  • Networking: Students can create professional networks with instructors, classmates, and specialists in their industry, which can be beneficial for future employment prospects.
  • Scholarships: To help alleviate the financial burden of higher education, UAF may offer scholarships and financial aid to eligible master’s students.
  • Practical Experience: Internships or practical training may be included in some master’s programs at UAF, providing students with real-world experience and skills.
  • Academic Resources: Students at UAF have access to libraries, laboratories, and other academic resources to help them with their studies and research.
  • Cultural and Extracurricular Activities: The University of Alaska Fairbanks has a thriving campus life that includes cultural events, organizations, and society that give students chances for personal development and pleasure.
  • Contribution to Society: Many master’s programs at UAF are aimed at addressing critical issues in agriculture, the environment, and rural development, giving students the opportunity to make a beneficial impact on society.
  • Research Facilities: UAF has cutting-edge research facilities, such as laboratories and experimental farms, which are beneficial for research-oriented master’s programs.
  • International Collaboration: UAF partners with other institutions throughout the world, giving possibilities for international exposure and research collaboration.

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How to Apply for UAF Admission For Master Programs:

Admissions are currently available at the University Of Agriculture, Faisalabad, and applications can be submitted as soon as possible. Eligibility requirements, online application procedure, and contact information can be found in the university’s official advertisement below and on its website at
It is strongly suggested that you contact the admissions office for additional information.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I pass the UAF entry test?

    Each student must get at least 50% marks to pass this test for admission. It is worth mentioning here that the UAF is the only institution in the country that is standing among the top 100 universities of the globe.

  2. How can I get a scholarship to UAF?

    Applicants must have a minimum of 16 years of education with a CGPA. 3.00/4.00)in the relevant discipline. However, preference will be given to candidates having 18 years of qualification.

  3. What is the criteria for the UAF postgraduate test?

    MS/MPhil/MSc (Hons) and PhD qualification scores will be 50% and 70%, respectively. After passing the GAT/GRE subject type test, you must also submit an online admission application form according to the deadlines announced in the National Press and on the University website.

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