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Unskilled Labour Jobs in Romania Visa Sponsorship

People are looking for low-skilled jobs in Romania that will support their visas. However, they can’t get these jobs because they don’t know when, where, or how to apply. Their job search on the Internet keeps going, but they don’t know where in Romania there are busy labor jobs. That’s why we’re here to help you. We shared all the information about jobs in Romania that don’t require a lot of skills and talked about the websites where you can find these jobs.

The types of unskilled jobs we’ll talk about below are great for people who aren’t very smart. Because you don’t need a lot of education or experience. You only need to be at least a certain age, mentally and physically healthy, and not have a criminal record.

Details of Unskilled Labour Jobs in Romania Visa Sponsorship

  • Job title: Unskilled laborers.
  • Job Region: Romania.
  • Minimum age: 21 years.
  • Knowledge required: No.
  • Experience required: No.
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes.


  • Legal Permission to Work: Being sponsored for a visa gives people the legal right to work in Romania, making sure they follow all immigration laws and rules.
  • Opportunities for Employment: Unskilled labor jobs are open to people with a range of schooling and skill levels and offer entry-level roles in fields like agriculture, construction, manufacturing, hospitality, and household services.
  • Competitive Pay: In Romania, many jobs for unskilled laborers offer competitive pay and perks, making sure that workers are fairly paid for the work they do.
  • Chance for Stable Employment: Jobs that don’t require a lot of skills often offer stable employment with set hours, giving workers and their families financial stability and peace of mind.
  • Language Learning: Working in Romania gives people the chance to improve their Romanian language skills by talking to coworkers, clients, and people in the community every day.
  • Being immersed in Romanian culture, customs, and way of life is possible for people who live and work there. This gives them a rich cultural experience and helps them grow as people.
  • Networking Chances: Jobs that don’t require a lot of skill may give you the chance to make professional links with coworkers, bosses, and other professionals, which can help you advance in your career.
  • Work-Life Balance: A lot of jobs that don’t require a lot of skill have set hours and allow for work-life balance, so people can do things they enjoy outside of work.
  • Access to Healthcare: Most workers in Romania can use the country’s healthcare system, which covers doctors’ visits and other services for them and their families.
  • Possible Ways to Live in Romania: Some visa programs in Romania may offer ways to live in Romania permanently or become citizens for people who meet certain requirements. This could provide long-term stability and help people become part of Romanian culture.


  • Job Offer: People who want to work in Romania as unskilled laborers must have a job offer from a Romanian company that is willing to sponsor their visa. What the job offer should say about the role, duties, pay, and benefits is called the terms of employment.
  • Applications for Work Permits: Employers in Romania must apply for a work permit on behalf of the foreign worker they want to hire for a low-skilled job. When applying for a work permit, you usually have to show proof of things like the job offer letter, the employee’s skills (if needed), and that the company is financially stable.
  • Should it be necessary, test the job market: Before sponsoring a foreign worker for a visa, Romanian employers may have to show that there are no suitable local candidates for the unskilled job by testing the job market.
  • Following the immigration rules: Both the employer supporting the foreign worker and the worker must follow Romania’s rules for immigration. This means following the steps for applying for a visa, keeping work permits up to date, and following any visa rules set by the Romanian government.
  • Medical Exam: Some types of visas for poor work in Romania may require foreign workers to get a medical exam to make sure they are healthy and don’t pose a risk to public health.
  • Good Character and Conduct: Both the employer sponsoring the foreign worker and the foreign worker must have a good image and act morally. This could mean showing police clearance certificates or other important papers.
  • Supporting Documents: Employers in Romania who sponsor visas for unskilled labor jobs should be ready to show any other documents that the immigration officials ask for to back up the visa application. These could include proof that the company is registered, that taxes are paid, or business licenses.
  • Financial Stability of the Company: Employers who sponsor employees should show that they are financially stable and able to meet their duties as employers, such as paying the sponsored employee’s salary and giving them the help they need while they are in Romania.

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Which unskilled labor jobs are in the highest demand in Romania?

  • Heavy Truck / Lorry drivers/Van/Taxi drivers.
  • Baker.
  • Masons.
  • Construction Workers/Building construction workers.
  • Gardners/ Landscape Gardners.
  • Shop keepers.
  • Freight handlers.
  • Metal workers.
  • Security Guards.
  • Inventory Clerks.
  • Electrician
  • Auto technicians.
  • Line operator.
  • Bartenders.
  • Nurses/ Healthcare Assistants.
  • House movers.
  • Waiters.
  • Farm Workers.
  • Cleaners.
  • Clerks.
  • Childcare provider.
  • Medical technologists.
  • Mechanics.
  • Fast food chefs.
  • Factory worker.

The average salary of labour in Romania

In Romania, average wages vary on the job, location, qualifications, and experience of the worker. But a Romanian worker is said to make 8,980 RON a month, or 107,760 RON a year.


What do you need to be a laborer in Romania?

To work in Romania, you only need to meet a few simple requirements. You must be between the ages of 21 and 50 and have no crime or medical records. Some reputable foreign recruiting firms, like BMR foreign, prefer experienced candidates, which means that if you have at least two to three years of experience, you have a better chance of getting hired. Companies in Romania hire people on a two-year deal. There is no direct way for a foreign person to apply for a work permit in Romania. Instead, the boss fills out the application himself. Applicants can ask for a two-year stay once he gives them the letter of approval.

Unskilled labour jobs in Romania on Indeed

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Without the right help, it can be hard to find unskilled work jobs in Romania that will sponsor your visa. This complete guide tells you a lot about different types of jobs, their perks, requirements, and how to apply for them. People in Romania who are looking for work can make it easier to find a job if they know about popular job areas and where to look for jobs online.

People Also Ask

  1. Which unskilled labor jobs are in the highest demand in Romania?

    Heavy truck/lorry drivers, building workers, gardeners/landscape gardeners, security guards, cleaners, child care providers, mechanics, and factory workers are just a few of the unskilled jobs that are in high demand in Romania.

  2. What is the average salary of laborers in Romania?

    In Romania, the average wage for workers depends on where they work, what kind of work they do, their education, and their experience. Every month, a Romanian worker makes about 8,980 RON, or 107,760 RON a year.

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