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Visa Sponsorship General Labourer Jobs in Canada 2024 – Apply Here

They offer Visa Sponsorship to candidates who qualify. As a General Laborer at Jim Fowler, you will play an integral part in a variety of farm operations. This includes planting, harvesting, irrigation, machine operation, equipment maintenance, and routine farm maintenance. Your effort and commitment will contribute to the farm’s success.

Details of Visa Sponsorship General Labourer Jobs in Canada:

  • Jobs Role: Visa Sponsorship General Labourer Jobs in Canada
  • Company: Jim Fowler
  • Location: Hazelton, BC
  • No. of Vacancies: 10
  • Industry: Agriculture & Farming
  • Salary: CAD 20 – CAD 35 Per Hour
  • Country: Canada
  • Education: No degree certificate or diploma
  • Experience: 3 years to less than 5 years
  • Languages: English


  • Help with crop planting, cultivation, and harvesting
  • Maintain and operate agricultural machinery and apparatus
  • Perform irrigation activities to ensure adequate crop hydration.
  • Perform general upkeep duties to preserve the cleanliness and order of the farm.
  • Always observe safety protocols and regulations.
  • Collaborate with team members to accomplish daily objectives and targets
Visa Sponsorship General Labourer Jobs in Canada
Visa Sponsorship General Labourer Jobs in Canada

Benefits Of Visa Sponsorship General Labourer Jobs in Canada:

  • Employment Opportunities: Visa sponsorship enables foreign employees to access employment opportunities in the Canadian labor market, particularly in positions where labor shortages may exist. In numerous industries, including construction, agriculture, manufacturing, and others, general laborer positions frequently fall under this classification.
  • Skills Enhancement: While working in Canada, foreign employees can acquire valuable skills and experience. This may involve the acquisition of new techniques, technologies, and practices that can be beneficial to their future professions.
  • Economic Contribution: Through their employment and spending, visa-sponsored workers contribute to the Canadian economy. They pay taxes, support local businesses, and contribute to the nation’s economic growth.
  • Diversity and Cultural Exchange: Visa sponsorship promotes diversity in the workforce by providing a wider variety of skills and experiences. It also promotes cultural exchange, as workers from diverse backgrounds share their perspectives and knowledge with counterparts from the host country.
  • Meeting Labor Shortages: Some Canadian industries face labor constraints as a result of factors such as an aging population and specific skill requirements. Visa sponsorship enables employers to fill vacancies with qualified foreign workers.
  • Increased Productivity: Access to a diverse workforce with a variety of talents and experiences can increase productivity within companies and industries, ultimately benefiting the Canadian economy as a whole.
  • Innovation and Transfer of Knowledge: Foreign workers contribute innovative ideas and methods from their home countries. This knowledge transfer can lead to industry-wide advances in procedures, technologies, and practices.
  • Opportunities for Career Growth: Foreign laborers who enter Canada under visa sponsorship may have the chance to advance their careers within the nation. This may involve climbing the career ladder, obtaining promotions, or exploring other employment opportunities that match their talents and credentials.
  • International Networking: Working in Canada allows foreign workers to network and build relationships with professionals from around the globe. These connections can be advantageous for future career opportunities in Canada and abroad.
  • Cultural Experience: Living and working in Canada provides foreign workers with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture, experience new ways of life, and broaden their worldview.

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  • Prior farming or related experience is preferable but not required
  • Possesses a strong work ethic and the capacity to perform physically demanding duties.
  • ability to function in diverse weather conditions
  • Learnability and adaptability to novel techniques and procedures
  • A valid work visa or visa eligibility under Jim Fowler’s sponsorship (Canadian work permit).
  • Excellent written and verbal English communication abilities.
  • Availability to work flexible hours, including weekends if necessary.

Join the Jim Fowler team today and embark on an adventure in the agricultural industry! Submit an updated resume highlighting your relevant experience immediately. Do not pass up this opportunity for growth, development, and Canadian Visa Sponsorship. We look forward to having you join the Jim Fowler team!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I get a work visa sponsorship in Canada?

    Most candidates will require a Canadian job offer supported by a labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). There are some exceptions to this requirement, where foreign workers can apply for a work permit without an LMIA, or a job offer.

  2. How much is a laborer paid in Canada?

    The average general laborer salary in Canada is $34,125 per year or $17.50 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $29,267 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $45,837 per year.

  3. What do General laborers do in Canada?

    General laborers are responsible for various manual tasks such as digging trenches, unloading construction materials, and preparing job sites. They use hand tools such as shovels or picks while operating machinery to assist them in their work and assist staff in other essential tasks.

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