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Wooden Pallet Assembler Jobs in Canada 2024 – Apply Now

Fabrication PFL Inc. is a highly regarded Canadian organization that specializes in the assembly and fabrication of timber pallets and associated merchandise. At this time, wooden pallet assemblers are being sought to join our organization. This is a fantastic opportunity for visa-sponsored workers in Canada to assist in the manufacturing of high-quality wooden pallets for a variety of industries.

Details of Wooden Pallet Assembler Jobs in Canada:

  • Company: Fabrication PFL, Inc.
  • Job Position: Wooden Pallet Assembler
  • Job Types: Full-Time or Part-Time
  • Education: Bachelor, Diploma, or Secondary, which is as prescribed below.
  • Gender: Male or Female
  • Minimum Experience: 1–3 Years of Experience
  • Salary: 20.40 hourly or 40 hours per week
  • Location: Lévis, QC, Canada

Job Description:

In the capacity of a Wooden Pallet Assembler at FABRICATION PFL INC., your primary duty will be to assemble wooden pallets and other associated merchandise. Among your obligations will be the following, although not restricted to:

  • Pallet Assembly: Wooden pallet assembly by quality standards and specifications
  • Wood Cutting: Conducting measurements and executing cuts to precisely size wooden components
  • Nailing and Fastening: Securely join wooden parts together using nail guns and other appropriate tools.
  • Quality Control: Evaluating the precision and quality of completed pallets
  • Repairing compromised pallets involves the replacement or repair of faulty components.
  • Material Handling: Pallet components and wooden materials are moved and handled.
  • Consistency with safety protocols and guidelines is essential for ensuring a secure working environment.
  • Inventory Management: Monitoring the whereabouts of materials and components of pallets
  • Machine operation involves the use of apparatus and equipment to assemble pallets.
  • Maintaining orderly and spotless work areas through cleaning and maintenance
  • Meeting production targets and quotas constitutes production quotas.
  • Team Collaboration: Ensuring efficient pallet assembly through collaboration with colleagues
  • Maintaining records of production and quality inspections constitutes documentation.
  • Troubleshooting involves the resolution of assembly problems or obstacles as they emerge.
  • Conducting training sessions and offering guidance to entry-level assemblers as required.

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Benefits of Wooden Pallet Assembler Jobs in Canada:

  • Availability of Jobs: The constant demand for wooden pallets in sectors such as manufacturing, logistics, and agriculture guarantees a continuous supply of employment opportunities.
  • Entry-Level Employment: Pallet assembly is frequently an entry-level position, rendering it feasible for individuals lacking substantial work experience.
  • Acquire a trade: Assemblers have the potential to develop carpentry and woodworking expertise that could be applied to alternative roles in the construction or woodworking sectors.
  • Practical Training: Employers frequently offer on-the-job training, which lessens the need for formal education or preparation.
  • Constant Work: The process of pallet assembly is ongoing and repetitive, yielding consistent and predictable results.
  • Physical Exercise: Physical activity is a requirement of the position, which may be advantageous for individuals who prefer to avoid prolonged sedentary work. It is capable of enhancing physical fitness.
  • The concept of teamwork: Pallet assembly is frequently a collaborative endeavor that fosters communication and teamwork by requiring the participation of colleagues.
  • Diversity of Work: Assemblers may be required to assemble palettes of various sizes and varieties, which adds variety and interest to the job.
  • Employment Security: Due to the steady demand for pallets, this position may provide some degree of job security.
  • Employment Opportunities Overtime: Extra revenue may be available to assemblers through the possibility of working overtime during periods of high shipping demand.
  • Wages competitive with others: In most cases, pallet assemblers are compensated competitively, and pay rates may rise with experience.
  • Implements and Equipment: Typically, the provision of essential tools and instruments by employers serves to mitigate employees’ expenditures.
  • Safety and Health: Ensuring safety during pallet assembly is a top priority for employers, who furnish the necessary safety apparatus and training to mitigate the occurrence of accidents in the workplace.
  • During daylight hours: The fact that numerous pallet assembly tasks are performed during standard business hours can facilitate work-life balance.
  • Environmentally Conscious: Wooden pallets are frequently regarded as a more eco-friendly alternative to certain other materials, which may attract individuals concerned with sustainability to the occupation.

Visa Sponsorship:

Indeed, FABRICATION PFL INC. intends to assist qualified applicants in acquiring the work authorization required to be employed in Canada. Assistance will be extended during the entirety of the visa sponsorship procedure.


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  1. What is a wood assembler’s job description?

    Wood products Assemblers put together products from premade pieces of wood. They operate machines, often hydraulic, that bind the various elements of a product together using joints, glue, or other fasteners. Assemblers put the elements in place, operate the machine, and look out for problems.

  2. Is being an assembler a good career?

    No, assembly is not a good career.
    Unfortunately, assemblers usually don’t make around that range and often make around the $30–40,000 range. Some industries, such as aircraft and automotive companies, may offer more pay than $40,000, but most assembling jobs make less than that.

  3. What are the two types of assemblers?

    Types of Assemblers
    One-Pass Assembler. These assemblers perform the whole conversion of assembly code to machine code in one go.
    Multi-Pass/Two-Pass Assembler. These assemblers first process the assembly code and store values in the opcode table and symbol table.

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