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The Westerwelle Young Founders Programme Autumn aims to empower young entrepreneurs in emerging markets by creating fair opportunities for all. The Young Fellow Program in Germany is an international fellowship that brings together leaders from all around the world. The worldwide leadership program in Berlin brings together exceptional young entrepreneurs in their pursuit of business excellence. Furthermore, the programmer provides opportunities to previous fellowship alumni and learns about their successful business approaches in emerging markets.

The six-month Westerwelle international fellowship comprises mentoring, peer learning, a buddy program, a Berlin conference, and expert sessions for young businessmen. All of these are critical for making your own distinct impression in emerging markets. The biggest element of this fully funded fellowship is that it provides participants with a one-of-a-kind experience by matching them with a successful entrepreneur or innovator who will serve as their sparring partner. Aside from that, members communicate with others and get access to new business opportunities. Furthermore, the Westerwelle fellowship program in Germany holds expert sessions in which participants get in-depth knowledge of their respective subjects from world-class specialists.

The fully-funded worldwide fellowship seeks entrepreneurs with the capacity to lead a sustainable future and an impactful company concept. Such global leaders will be chosen to aid in the development of new and developing markets. The Westerwelle Foundation is always glad to help expand opportunities for individuals all over the world. The Westerwelle Young Founders Autumn 2024 initiative is one of the Foundation’s initiatives to promote international understanding and better conditions for a market economy and tolerance.

Because the Westerwelle Foundation’s international fellowship program is built on the correlation of economic success, it eventually empowers young leaders. Furthermore, participants will get the opportunity to develop a middle-class socioeconomic model and compare it to Germany’s Mittlestand. Evonik, Gi2, Google, Liquid Telecom, United International Hotspot, Oracle, Flat 6 Labs Tunis, and others are among the Foundation’s well-known world-class partners. This is an opportunity for young future leaders to study the Foundation’s business skills, as well as a chance for the ten best participants to attend a fully-funded Berlin Conference and network with the world’s most successful businesspeople and mentors over a one-week stay in Germany.


Introduction to the Young Founders Programme

The Young Founders Program is an important program that gives young businesspeople the tools they need to turn their business ideas into real businesses. This program is known for its dedication to developing young people’s talents. It is held in Germany, which is a world center for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Details About Young Founders Programme in Germany

Host Country:

  • Germany

Host Organization:

  • Westerwelle Young Founders Programme

Eligible Countries:

  • Candidates from all emerging and developing countries may apply.

YFP23 Program Duration:

  • 5-day fully-funded conference in Berlin, Germany / 6-month remote program.

Benefits of Westerwelle Young Founders Program

  • Networking Opportunities: By participating, individuals are granted entry to a heterogeneous association of mentors, investors, and industry specialists. For their ventures, this network may offer beneficial connections, counsel, and potential partnerships.
  • Coaching and Mentorship: The program provides coaching and mentoring from business professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs. Mentors provide assistance, direction, and encouragement to aid individuals in overcoming the obstacles of entrepreneurship and attaining their objectives.
  • Development of Skills: Participants are afforded the opportunity to cultivate critical entrepreneurial competencies, including but not limited to business planning, strategy, marketing, finance, and leadership, via workshops, seminars, and training sessions.
  • Opportunities for Funding: The program potentially offers access to funding prospects such as initial capital, grants, and introductions to investors. This financial assistance can aid entrepreneurs in launching or expanding their companies, thereby accelerating their growth trajectory.
  • International Exposure: The program provides participants with the chance to gain insight into global markets, trends, and prospects. By exhibiting their companies at international conferences, events, and competitions, participants may gain exposure and access to new clientele and markets.
  • Peer Learning: Collaboration, knowledge exchange, and peer-to-peer assistance enable participants to gain knowledge from their fellow peers. Engaging in dialogues with fellow youthful founders who are confronted with comparable obstacles can yield invaluable inspiration, insights, and camaraderie.
  • Recognition and Validation: Applicants’ entrepreneurial potential and concepts are validated and acknowledged upon acceptance into the program. This acknowledgment has the potential to enhance confidence, credibility, and repute, not only among potential stakeholders but also within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Community Engagement: The initiative cultivates a cohesive group of entrepreneurial individuals who are similar and possess comparable aspirations and encounters. Participating in this community can offer encouragement, inspiration, and a feeling of inclusion throughout the process of entrepreneurship.
  • Extended Support: The program provides continuous support that extends beyond the initial phase of training and mentoring. Program alumni may maintain ongoing access to support services, networking opportunities, and resources to aid in the long-term sustainability and expansion of their enterprises.
  • Impact and Social Change: The program places significant emphasis on the role of entrepreneurship in instigating constructive social and economic transformations. Individuals are motivated to generate novel resolutions for urgent matters, establish employment opportunities, and make contributions to sustainable development both locally and globally.

Eligibility Criteria of Young Founders Programme in Germany

  • The participant must have founded a for-profit business within the last five years. The company’s concentration must be on developing or emerging markets.
  • The company must have a viable business plan that generates optimum revenue or has acquired its first round of external funding.
  • The firm must have influence and improve market quality.
  • The participants must be fluent in English.
  • During the fellowship, participants must be available for conferences and events for six months.

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How to Apply for the Young Founders Program in Germany?

  • Candidates must apply online in order to be considered.
  • Candidates must have a startup pitch deck ready.
  • Candidates must provide accurate and basic financial information about their revenue and funding.
  • The candidate must have a LinkedIn page and/or a curriculum vitae.
  • If you encounter any technical difficulties while applying, please contact for assistance.
  • Answer all of the application’s questions carefully and completely so that they may be properly understood.


For young entrepreneurs with big dreams, the Young Founders Program in Germany 2024 is more than just a chance. It’s a life-changing event. Don’t be afraid to start a trip that could change your future.

  1. What is the Young Founders Program?

    The Young Founders will get six months of support, comprising a personal guide, monthly group instruction discussions, monthly specialist workshops, and opportunities for networking with corporations and shareholders

  2. What is the Westerwelle Young Founders Program in Germany?

    The Young Founders Program is a six-month fellowship for outstanding emerging-market young business owners. It brings together leaders from all over the world who are all aiming for economic greatness. You are an impoverished or emerging nation citizen or resident.

  3. Does Germany have foundation programs?

    The new SRH International Year One by Touro College is a foundation course in Germany that provides you with the modules and credits equivalent to a first year of undergraduate studies.

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