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20,000 Sweden Government Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2024

People can apply online for 20,000 jobs sponsored by the Swedish government between now and 2024. People from all over the world can apply for jobs in Sweden, which will sponsor their visas in 2024. One goal of the Swedish government is to get more trained workers to come to Sweden and look for work. With the new plan, businesses will be able to support visas for skilled workers.

The Swedish government wants to hire smart, bright people to fill a number of open positions. Sweden is one of the world’s most modern countries, and the people who work there have great perks, high wages, and great working conditions. One of the best places in the world to live and work is Sweden. The best jobs are available for skilled workers, and the country has the highest standard of living.

The Swedish government wants people who are prepared to work in Sweden. They have jobs that will pay for a visa, which will let the person live and work in Sweden. Anyone from anywhere in the world can join this team. Most of the jobs are in skilled fields like IT, engineering, healthcare, and others. People who want to work for the Swedish government and get a visa can apply online for jobs in 2024.

Sweden Jobs That Will Pay for Your Visa in 2024 To properly work in Sweden and move there, you should look for a job that will sponsor your visa. A lot of Swedish businesses let students from other countries work there. The news is correct and real.

Sweden also needs more workers. People in Sweden really want these jobs. But not just job possibilities. Large Swedish companies like IKEA, Ericsson, Spotify, H&M, and other well-known Swedish companies have changed their fields in big ways and are still doing so.

Details of Sweden Government Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Provided by:Sweden Government
Education:Bachelors, Masters, PhD
No. of Jobs:20,000
Eligible nationality:All Nationalities
Job country:Sweden
Last Date:Opened Now

EURES Job Portal

EURES is the main website for the European Union’s government jobs. It has thousands of Sweden Government Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Sweden and other European countries. If you want to find a job in Sweden that will pay for your visa, EURES is your best bet. Students from other countries can study in a huge number of different areas.

Anyone from anywhere in the world can apply, in any area, at any level, and for any amount of time (full-time or part-time). Sweden has a lot of jobs that will pay for your ticket.

Jobs Benefits:

  • International work environment
  • Visa sponsorship and relocation package
  • Private health insurance
  • Competitive salary

How to Find Visa Sponsorship Job at EURES Portal:

  • First open this website:
  • Selected Location: Sweden
  • Type “Visa Sponsorship” into the search bar next. It’ll show you all the jobs in Sweden that will pay for your visa, and you can apply from there.


  • Legal Eligibility: People who want to get a visa sponsored by the Swedish government must meet the legal eligibility requirements set by the government. This could mean having a valid passport, being the right age, and following immigration rules.
  • Job Qualifications: Applicants must have the education and skills needed for the jobs that are being offered through the visa sponsorship program. This can include proof of education, work experience, and any related certifications.
  • Language Proficiency: Depending on the job and the business, you may need to be able to speak and write Swedish and/or English well in order to do your job.
  • Health and Character Checks: As part of the visa sponsorship process, applicants may have to go through health screenings and show proof of good character, like a clean crime record.
  • Job Offer and Contract: Those who want to move to Sweden must have a legal job offer from a company that will pay for their visa. This includes having a work contract signed that spells out the terms and conditions of the job.
  • Financial Stability: Applicants may need to show that they are financially stable by showing that they have enough money to live on while they are in Sweden or that their company will pay for their living costs.
  • Documentation: Applicants must send in all the necessary paperwork correctly and in full. This includes visa application forms, copies of passports, educational transcripts, a CV or resume, and any other paperwork that the Swedish immigration officials say is needed.

List of Swedish Visa Sponsorship Companies:

Google Sweden Jobs:

Google is happy to say that they have jobs available in their office in Sweden. But Google employees work on goods that help everyone, whether they live down the street or across the world. You can find them in any office to visit. The Google Summer Internship 2024 is also open in Sweden.

There are current openings in sales, service, and support, as well as in business planning engineering, and technology. Google treats all of its employees the same. Google has jobs that the Swedish government will pay for, and you can apply for them online.


More Info

Assa Abloy

When it comes to access options, the ASSA ABLOY Group is the world leader. They sell and do simple work with openings, like locks, doors, gates, and solutions for automating the inside of buildings. This includes having keys, cards, tags, mobile phones, and biometric identity verification methods to control who is who. The business now has 49,000 workers and works in more than 70 countries.

Who can apply: Anyone can come in. We value differences. People with and without training can apply.

More Info

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Ericsson Jobs

Ericsson is a strong rival in the telecommunications market. Its mobile networks and technology are known all over the world. Strong partnerships with universities and study centers all over the world are part of this. The Swedish company now has about 100,000 workers around the world.

Ericsson has 239 jobs in Sweden right now. So, getting better jobs at Ericsson is easier and there are more chances to do so. You need at least a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

More Info

H&M Jobs

H&M is a well-known clothing brand that sells clothes for kids, adults, and women. It’s a well-known Swedish brand that has grown to have more than 5,000 stores around the world selling trendy clothes and items at low prices. Sales and operations, design and development, IT, marketing, finance, branding, logistics, leadership, management, and more are some of the things that H&M does. (In the Filter, choose Sweden as the location.)

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IKEA Furniture Jobs

IKEA is a big company that sells furniture for the home. It’s a piece of furniture and home decor. This is a top Swedish company with great quality. There are more than 460 shops in over 50 countries. IKEA is proud to offer jobs that offer visa support.

These are the jobs that IKEA has open:

  • Design, Creation, and Communication
  • Finance, Legal, and Property
  • Meeting and understanding customers
  • People, projects, and support
  • Production and supply chain
  • Steering and leadership
  • Tech and Innovation

More Info


That’s because Spotify is on every phone, so everyone knows about it. This company is Swedish. On their computers and mobile phones, like smartphones, Spotify users can listen to and share millions of songs.

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The government of Sweden’s plan to support visas for skilled workers has created 20,000 new jobs in technology, telecommunications, retail, and other fields. These jobs give people from all over the world a unique chance to work and live in Sweden. They offer benefits like working with people from other countries, fair pay, and help with getting a visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are some companies in Sweden offering visa-sponsored jobs?

    Companies in Sweden like Google, Assa Abloy, Ericsson, H&M, IKEA, and Spotify offer jobs that can be done without a visa in many areas, including technology, retail, telecommunications, and more. People who want to work can look at job openings on the websites of the companies or on job boards like EURES.

  2. Who is eligible to apply for visa-sponsored jobs in Sweden

    The Swedish government is hiring people from all over the world for 20,000 visa-sponsored jobs. Those who want to apply must have the schooling and experience needed for the jobs.

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