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AllClear Travel Insurance History And Reviews – Fully Explained

AllClear Travel Insurance is a provider of coverage for customers with pre-existing medical conditions. AllClear was founded in 2000 and has its headquarters in Romford, Essex. Although the company currently offers private healthcare, pet, and auto insurance, medical travel insurance is its best-known product. This article will discuss AllClear travel insurance reviews and their services.

History of AllClear Travel Insurance History And Reviews

The company was founded in 2000 in Brentwood, Essex, with a straightforward mission: “To assist those with medical conditions in acquiring the insurance coverage they require.” The company’s origins lie in specialized medical travel insurance for people over 50. If this type of insurance had been available in 2000, it would have been limited and expensive. Today, AllClear travel insurance continues to be a shining beacon in the field of specialty medical travel insurance, and it is thriving. Before we delve into the specifics of AllClear’s travel insurance, the company’s website contains some intriguing data reviews that demonstrate its strength. Read on to learn about them.

Types of Coverage

AllClear has a wide range of coverage choices to meet the needs of travelers with different needs. They offer two of the most important kinds of security, which are:

Medical Coverage

AllClear is known for having full medical care. They know how important it is to stay healthy while abroad, so their policies cover medical costs like emergencies, hospital stays, and prescriptions.


Trip Cancellation Coverage

Unexpected things can sometimes get in the way of your trip plans. With AllClear’s trip cancellation coverage, you can get back non-refundable trip costs if you have to stop your trip for a reason that is covered, such as illness, injury, or bad weather.

Review on AllClear Travel Insurance

Multiple awards were given to AllClear travel insurance at the British Insurance Awards, and the company has just announced Zurich Plc as its new underwriter. Over 4 million people have access to travel insurance, which covers 1,300 medical conditions. In addition, they offer 24-hour emergency medical assistance and employ over 134 people.

AllClear Travel Insurance services

AllClear Travel Insurance is the first travel insurance provider to offer services in the United Kingdom. There is the option to obtain a quote for international travel insurance online or via live chat with an agent. Do not be surprised that AllClear travel insurance policies have no age restrictions. Individuals can buy the following insurance products:

  • Over the 50s
  • Over 60s
  • Over 65s
  • Over 70s
  • Over 75s
  • Over 80s
  • Over 85s
  • Over the 90s

In addition, they offer a variety of travel insurance policies, including:

  • Single-trip travel insurance
  • Long-stay travel insurance and annual multi-trip travel insurance

AllClear Travel Insurance Policies

Single trip level insurance

Single-trip coverage is ideal for individuals who travel only once per year. However, several factors, such as the length of your trip, your destination, your age, and any existing medical conditions, will affect the premium amount. On your initial application, these concerns will be addressed so that you understand how much your insurance will cost and what it will cover. As previously stated, there are no age restrictions for AllClear travel insurance. Therefore, a single-trip travel insurance policy can be obtained at any age.

Annual multi-trip travel insurance

If you travel twice or more per year, you should consider purchasing an AllClear multi-trip policy. This is because the more trips you take per year, the greater the value of this coverage. As with single-trip travel insurance, there are no age restrictions. However, you must disclose any pre-existing conditions before purchasing coverage.

Long-stay travel insurance cover

This type of travel insurance is growing in popularity as an increasing number of individuals over the age of 50 plan extended stays abroad. This coverage is suitable for those who intend to travel for up to a year. However, if you plan to take multiple relatively short trips, say 45 or 60 days each, an annual multi-trip policy may be less expensive. Therefore, it is essential to ask questions at the beginning of the application process.

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Cover for pre-existing medical conditions

If you are over 50 and applying for travel insurance, you must disclose any pre-existing conditions. As stated previously, AllClear travel insurance already covers 1,300 pre-existing medical conditions, with the option to add more. The organization’s origin as a specialized medical insurance provider is certainly advantageous! Your policy may be invalidated and coverage denied if you fail to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions. Even though many individuals are apprehensive about disclosing medical issues, it has no bearing on the cost or amount of coverage. AllClear travel insurance covers the following common pre-existing medical conditions:

  • Hypertension and diabetes
  • High cholesterol and cardiovascular disease
  • Cancer

COVID travel insurance cover

Coronavirus coverage is included in AllClear’s single-trip, multi-trip, and long-stay travel insurance policies, to the delight of many customers. Due to the pandemic, the industry realized that many travelers would be concerned about incurring additional costs if they contracted COVID abroad. As a result, the widespread implementation of uniform COVID travel insurance coverage has alleviated many of these concerns. This consists of:

  • Urgent medical expenses and cancellation of repatriation Up to 30 days of free coverage extension
  • Costs for a friend or relative who must stay with you for medical reasons
  • Continued recovery costs
  • Cost of a return flight if your stay is prolonged as a result of COVID

AllClear Travel Insurance and worldwide coverage

The Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO) provides advice and direction regarding travel to particular international destinations. If you travel to a destination on the restricted travel list, your insurance policy will be void. When applying for single-trip, multi-trip, or long-stay travel insurance, you will be asked to specify your destination(s). It is very simple and straightforward to acquire international travel insurance. However, if a country is restricted, do not travel there.

Does AllClear travel insurance offer value for money?

AllClear Travel Insurance is the leading provider of specialized medical insurance for those over the age of 50. AllClear travel insurance performs well when compared to other companies in terms of coverage and cost. Their travel insurance premiums are tailored to each individual’s unique circumstances, indicating excellent value. The company has a TrustPilot rating of five stars, and 95% of its customers rate it as excellent or great. Reviews of AllClear Travel Insurance indicate that they provide an impressive service and have an excellent track record in terms of insurance coverage and customer service. What else could you want?


Traveling is both exciting and unexpected, so having reliable travel insurance like AllClear can make all the difference. Because of their long past, commitment to customer satisfaction, and wide range of policies, you can travel the world with confidence, knowing that you’re covered in case something goes wrong.

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