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Bank Of Punjab (BOP) Jobs 2024 – Apply Now

Bank Of Punjab has posted the most recent Vacancies in Pakistan. Male and female applicants who are interested in these jobs at Bank Of Punjab can apply online. Candidates with the highest qualifications are eligible to apply for Bank Of Punjab Jobs. Before applying for the Latest Bank Jobs in Pakistan, candidates should read all the details.

What Makes Bank of Punjab (BOP) Stand Out?

A Legacy of Excellence

Bank of Punjab (BOP) has been around since 1989, so it has a long past. With over 30 years of great service, the bank has earned a reputation for being trustworthy and making sure customers are happy. BOP is one of the most important financial institutions in Pakistan because it is committed to the best ethical standards.

A Diverse Range of Opportunities

One of the best things about working at BOP is that there are many different jobs to choose from. BOP has a place for everyone, whether you’re a recent college graduate looking to start your job or a seasoned professional looking for something new to do. The bank has jobs in many areas, such as banking operations, finance, marketing, human resources, information technology, and more.

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Details of Bank Of Punjab (BOP) Jobs:

Jobs LocationAll Over Pakistan
Category/ SectorGovt. Jobs / Bank Jobs
Organization The Bank of Punjab BOP
Job TypeFull Time
Total Posts300+

Requirements for Bank Of Punjab (BOP) Jobs:

  • Educational Requirements: Educational requirements vary greatly depending on the position. Entry-level employment, such as bank tellers, may require a bachelor’s degree, whereas more specialized ones, such as those in finance or IT, may require specialized degrees or certifications.
  • Experience: For mid-level and senior roles, the bank may need candidates to have appropriate work experience. Experience requirements vary, but are often between a few years and several years in a similar profession.
  • Age limits: Certain positions may have age limits. Entry-level occupations often do not have rigorous age constraints, but managerial and executive positions may.
  • Citizenship: In various situations, banks such as BOP may demand candidates to be Pakistani citizens or to have work permits or visas to work in Pakistan.
  • Computer Skills: Many positions in the banking business demand proficiency in computer applications and software, particularly Microsoft Office.
  • Communication Skills: Employees are expected to contact clients, coworkers, and stakeholders on a frequent basis, thus strong verbal and written communication skills are required.
  • Numerical Skills: Banking positions frequently require dealing with financial transactions, therefore candidates should have good numerical and analytical skills.
  • Customer Service Skills: Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills are essential for customer-facing professions.
  • Ethical Standards: Because banks place a high value on ethics and integrity, candidates must be able to demonstrate a commitment to ethical behavior.
  • Certificates: Specific certificates may be necessary depending on the job description. Financial analysts, for example, may require certificates such as the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), while IT workers may require certifications in applicable technologies.
  • Background Check: Depending on the nature of the work and the bank’s rules, candidates may be submitted to background checks, including criminal background checks and credit checks.
  • Language Skills: English and Urdu proficiency are frequently necessary, as they are the principal languages used in financial activities in Pakistan.

Latest Posts in Bank of Punjab:

Job Title/DescriptionPlace of PostingGrade Range
Product OwnerLahoreOG-I to AVP
Product Manager E-CommerceLahoreVP-I to VP
Product Manager POSLahoreVP-I to VP
Branch ManagerFaisalabadOG-I TO AVP
Branch ManagerGujranwalaOG1 TO AVP
Branch ManagerMultanOG1 TO AVP
Branch ManagerPeshawarOG1 TO AVP
Lead Digital EnablerLahoreAVP TO VP-I
Branch ManagerSargodhaOG1 TO AVP
Branch ManagerSahiwalOG1 TO AVP
Branch ManagerGujranwalaAVP-I TO VP-I
Branch ManagerLahoreAVP-I TO VP-I
Branch ManagerMultanAVP-I TO VP-I
Branch ManagerIslamabadAVP-I TO VP-I
Branch ManagerPeshawarAVP-I TO VP-I
Branch ManagerSargodhaAVP-I TO VP-I
Branch ManagerLahoreAVP TO VP
Branch ManagerMultanAVP TO VP
Deputy Branch ManagerAttockAVP-I TO VP-I
Deputy Branch ManagerLahoreAVP TO VP
Manager Business Intelligence and AnalyticsLahoreAVP to VP-I
Assistant Manager Governance and ControlLahoreOG-I to AVP
Assistant Manager Governance and ControlIslamabadOG-I to AVP
Assistant Manager Governance and ControlKarachiOG-I to AVP
Senior Manager Applications SecurityLahoreVP-I to VP
Credit AnalystLahore and KarachiAVP-VP
Manager Budgeting and ReportingLahore and KarachiOG-II TO -AVP-1

Job Title/DescriptionPlace of PostingGrade Range
Branch Manager [Islamic Banking]Multiple CitiesMultiple Grades
Branch Operations Manager [Islamic Banking]Multiple CitiesMultiple Grades
Branch Operations Officer – GBOs [Islamic Banking]Multiple CitiesMultiple Grades
Relationship Manager [Islamic Banking]Multiple CitiesMultiple Grades
Tellers -TSOs [Islamic Banking]Multiple CitiesMultiple Grades
Customer Services Officers [Islamic Banking]Multiple CitiesMultiple Grades
Personal Banking Officers [Islamic Banking]Multiple CitiesMultiple Grades
Branch Manager [Conventional Banking]Multiple CitiesMultiple Grades
Branch Operations Manager [Conventional Banking]Multiple CitiesMultiple Grades
Branch Operations Officers – GBOs [Conventional Banking]Multiple CitiesMultiple Grades
Personal Bankers [Conventional Banking]Multiple CitiesMultiple Grades
Tellers – TSOs [Conventional Banking]Multiple CitiesMultiple Grades
Customer Services Officers [Conventional Banking]Multiple CitiesMultiple Grades
Personal Banking Officers [Conventional Banking]Multiple CitiesMultiple Grades
Research AnalystKarachiAVP to VP
Relationship Manager IslamicKarachiOG – l to AVP – l
Relationship Manager ConventionalKarachiOG – l to AVP – l
Regional Head People and Business PartnerMultanVP-l to VP
Relationship Manager Business Development BOP at WorkFaisalabadAVP to VP-l
Relationship Manager Business Development BOP at WorkSargodhaOG – l to AVP -l
Business Planning Manager BOP at WorkLahoreVP – l to VP
Relationship Manager Business Development BOP at WorkGujranwalaAVP to VP-l
Relationship Manager Business Development BOP at WorkSialkotAVP to VP-l
Relationship Manager Business Development BOP at WorkMultanOG-l to AVP-l
Team Leader SME IslamicKarachiAVP to VP-l
RM, SRM SME IslamicFaisalabadAVP-l to AVP
RM, SRM SME IslamicGujranwalaAVP-l TO AVP
RM, SRM SME IslamicMultanAVP-l TO AVP
RM, SRM SME IslamicKarachiAVP-l TO AVP
RM, SRM SME IslamicPeshawarAVP-l TO AVP
Branch ManagerGojraAVP-I to VP-I
Branch ManagerTandlianwalaOG-II to AVP-I
Branch ManagerTandlianwalaAVP-I to VP-I
Branch ManagerIslamabadAVP to VP
Branch ManagerRawalpindiAVP to VP
Branch ManagerTaxilaAVP to VP
Branch ManagerNankana SahibAVP-I to VP-I
Branch ManagerBadinOG-I to AVP
Branch ManagerDaharkiOG-I to AVP
Branch ManagerDepalpurOG-I to AVP
Branch ManagerJalalpur BhattianOG-I to AVP
Branch ManagerKarachiOG-I to AVP
Branch ManagerMirpur KhasOG-I to AVP
Branch ManagerMultanOG-I to AVP
Branch ManagerMusa KhelOG-I to AVP
Branch ManagerNarowalOG-I to AVP
Branch ManagerNowshera VirkanOG-I to AVP
Branch ManagerPinanwalOG-I to AVP
Branch ManagerRukkanOG-I to AVP
Branch ManagerSangharOG-I to AVP
Branch ManagerDaskaOG-II to AVP-I
Branch ManagerKarachiOG-II to AVP-I
Branch ManagerKharianOG-II to AVP-I
Branch ManagerLandi KotalOG-II to AVP-I
Branch ManagerShabqadarOG-II to AVP-I
Branch ManagerSialkotOG-II to AVP-I
Branch ManagerKarachiAVP to VP
Branch ManagerAttockAVP to VP
Branch ManagerDaskaAVP to VP
Branch ManagerDingaAVP to VP
Branch ManagerLahoreAVP to VP
Branch ManagerMalikwalAVP to VP
Branch ManagerMandi BahauddinAVP to VP
Branch ManagerPhaliaAVP to VP
Branch ManagerQuettaAVP to VP
Branch ManagerSargodhaAVP to VP
Unit Head ProductsLahoreVP to SVP-l

Benefits of Bank Of Punjab (BOP) Jobs:

  • Competitive Salary: BOP normally pays competitive wages and allowances, which can provide employees and their families with financial security and support.
  • Job Security: BOP, like most banks, offers job security through regular employment contracts and prospects for promotion.
  • Healthcare Benefits: BOP frequently includes extensive healthcare coverage, such as medical, dentistry, and occasionally vision insurance, ensuring employees have access to vital healthcare services.
  • Retirement Benefits: Employees may be eligible for retirement benefits such as a provident fund or pension plan, which can help them plan for their financial future.
  • Annual Bonuses: Employees may be eligible for annual bonuses or performance-related incentives based on the bank’s performance and the individual’s role.
  • Training and Development: BOP invests in its workers’ training and development, providing opportunities to improve their skills and expertise, which can lead to professional advancement.
  • Educational support: Some banks, including BOP, provide educational support or scholarships to workers in order to enable them to pursue more education or professional qualifications.
  • Employee Discounts: Employee discounts or special deals on banking products and services such as loans, credit cards, or financial planning services may be available to employees.
  • Work-Life Balance: With appropriate working hours and paid time off for vacations, holidays, and personal days, BOP frequently supports a healthy work-life balance.
  • Prospects for Career Progression and Growth: BOP offers prospects for career progression and growth, with the possibility of promotions and increasing responsibility over time.
  • Employee Wellness Programs: Some banks provide wellness programs to promote their employees’ physical and emotional well-being, which may include fitness centers, counseling services, or stress management programs.
  • Community Involvement: BOP may participate in corporate social responsibility projects, and employees may be able to participate in volunteer or community service events sponsored by the bank.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Working in a bank like BOP allows employees to network with professionals in the finance field, which can be beneficial to their career advancement.

How to Online Apply for Bank of Punjab (BOP) Jobs:

  • Candidates who meet the above-mentioned requirements are urged to apply online.
  • Candidates should apply online for the position of Head of Special Assets Management.
  • Individuals who meet the eligibility conditions listed above may apply in confidence.
  • Candidates who have been shortlisted will be contacted for an interview.
  • There will be no TA/DA.
  • We are a non-discriminatory employer. Females and members of underrepresented groups are urged to apply.

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Bank of Punjab (BOP) Jobs 2024 is a great chance to start a job or take it to the next level. BOP stands out in the banking business because it has a history of doing great work, offers a wide range of career paths, and cares about its employees’ growth. If you join this organization, you’ll be part of a team that works to shape the future of Pakistani finance.

  1. What is the rank of BOP in Pakistan?

    Banks receive ratings based on their size utilizing a scoring formula. The Bank of Punjab (BOP) has been identified as first among Mid-Size Banks for the coming fiscal. It is interesting to note that the BOP’s overall score is the second highest among all commercial banking institutions, irrespective of Tier Size.

  2. Is BOP a government Bank?

    On September 19, 1994, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) recognized it as an official bank. Its main line of business is commercial banking as well as associated services. The Government of the Punjab (GoPb) controls the bulk of the bank’s shares.

  3. How many branches of BoP Bank in Pakistan?

    Tajammal Hussain established the Bank of Punjab, which functions as a Scheduled Commercial Bank with over 587 branches in major economic centers around the country.

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