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NTS Jobs In Attock 2024 – Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department

A non-profit organization in Pakistan administers the Pakistan Academic Performance Evaluation Test. The organization is comparable to the Educational Testing Service in the United States. NTS is a member of the International Association for Educational Assessment (IAEA).

The News Newspaper published an NTS Jobs announcement. Information Technology Officer, DEO, Budget Officer, Legal Officer, Procurement Officer, Quality Assurance Officer, Human Resources Officer, Assistant Admin Officer, Admin Officer, and Logistics Officer positions will be advertised at the district headquarters hospital and tehsil headquarters hospital in Attock. This posting is for the vacant positions of Information Technology Officer, Deputy Information Technology Officer, Budget Officer, Legal Officer, Procurement Officer, Quality Assurance Officer, and Human Resources Officer.

Data Entry Operator, Biomedical Engineer, Audit Officer, Statistical Officer, and Finance Officer are among the available positions in Attock. The following sectors of the government and private organizations employ them: Attock, Mailsi, Chichawatni, Sargodha, Hassan Abdal, Muzaffargarh, Haveli Lakha, Sheikhupura, Okara, Khanpur, Pakpattan, Narowal, Jampur, Nankana Sahib, Raz Khan, Arifwala, Burewala, Vehari, Hafiza, Lodhran, Jhelum, Mianwali, Rawalpindi, Arifwala, Rahim yar Khan, Arifwala, and Arifwala. We are interested in several regions in Punjab, Pakistan, including Hushab, Kahuta, Kasur, Gujrat, Layyah, Mandi Bahauddin, Ahmedpur East, Khanewal, Attock, Chiniot, Jhang, and Bhakkar.

Preference will be given to candidates with an MBA, a Master’s degree, or a Master’s degree who are CAs, BAs, Bs, or others with an ACCA, MS, Bachelor’s, or Bachelor’s degree. The closing date for the most recent Management and other Government positions at the Department of Primary and Secondary Healthcare is approximate. See the date in the advertisement. To find out how to apply for the most recent job openings in the Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department, please visit the NTS website.


Details Of NTS Jobs In Attock

  • Job Industry: Management Jobs
  • Category: Government
  • Organization: Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department
  • Location: Attock, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Education: Bachelor, Master, BA,,, BCS, MBA, ACCA, CA, MS, BS
  • Job Type: Temporary
  • Job Experience: 02 Years
  • Newspaper: The News Jobs

Benefits Of NTS Jobs In Attock

  • Job Security: NTS roles typically have a greater degree of job security than other positions because they are frequently associated with government or semi-government organizations.
  • Competitive Salaries: Numerous NTS positions offer competitive compensation packages, including base pay, allowances, and other benefits. Typically, these salaries are standardized in accordance with government pay schedules.
  • Pension and Retirement Benefits: Government-related NTS positions typically include pension and retirement benefits, which provide financial security after an individual’s service is complete.
  • Medical and Health Benefits: NTS employees may be eligible for a variety of medical and health benefits, such as access to government-funded healthcare facilities.
  • Regular Increments: NTS jobs frequently include a system of regular increments and promotions based on performance and years of service, enabling employees to advance their careers progressively.
  • Work-Life Balance: Numerous NTS positions offer a reasonable work-life balance, with set hours and weekends off. This can improve the quality of life for workers.
  • Professional Growth: Through training programs, workshops, and exposure to different aspects of the job, NTS jobs can provide opportunities for professional advancement and skill development.
  • Job Diversity: NTS provides employment opportunities in a variety of industries, including education, healthcare, and administration. This diversity enables individuals to select roles that match their abilities and interests.
  • Possibilities for Networking: Working for NTS can provide individuals with the chance to connect and network with professionals from a variety of disciplines, which can be advantageous for career advancement.
  • Contribution to Society: Numerous NTS positions are affiliated with government or public-sector organizations that serve the community and contribute to the nation’s development. This sense of social contribution can be personally satisfying.
  • Structured Career Path: NTS roles typically come with a well-defined career path, allowing employees to set long-term objectives and strive for advancement within the organization.
  • Skill Enhancement: The nature of NTS positions frequently necessitates the development and refinement of problem-solving, communication, critical thinking, and data analysis skills.
  • Access to Resources: NTS employees may have access to facilities, resources, and opportunities that contribute to their personal and professional development.
  • Job Satisfaction: Contributing to the recruitment and assessment processes for various organizations can be intellectually stimulating and gratifying, as it entails selecting candidates on the basis of merit.

Latest NTS Jobs in Attock

In their facility in Attock, Punjab, Pakistan, the Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department is pleased to announce a number of employment opportunities. These positions are open to candidates with a Bachelor’s, Master’s, BA,,, BCS, MBA, ACCA, CA, MS, or BS degree and at least two years of relevant work experience. The positions are temporary and are open to applicants of both genders.
The positions are advertised in The News Jobs. To be considered for the positions, interested candidates should submit their applications by this date. The minimum monthly salary ranges from 24,000 to 74,000 rupees.

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The Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department is committed to providing all citizens with superior healthcare services. It is expected that the successful candidate for this position will have outstanding organizational skills as well as the capacity to manage a team and ensure the achievement of desired results. The optimal candidate will be proactive and proficient in management processes.
If you are interested in these employment opportunities and believe you possess the requisite skills and credentials, please submit your application by the deadline. We anticipate hearing from you.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How can I apply for NTS in Pakistan?

    If you are a new user, sign up or register for the NTS online registration portal. Once you are registered, log in to and fill in your personal information, academic information, and employment information.

  2. How to prepare for the NTS job test?

    Most of the questions are about synonyms, antonyms, and antonyms. Study a good book for English MCQs (e.g., SAT-I). In most MCQ tests, the questions are taken from such books.

  3. What Are the Duties of NTS?

    The NTS must carry out the work in an environment that is free from improper influences and take all reasonable steps to avoid being in an actual, apparent, or potential conflict of interest.

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