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Catering Assistant Jobs in UK 2024 – Urgently Required

We are searching urgently for a devoted and effective Catering Assistant in the United Kingdom. As a Catering Assistant at Care UK, you will be responsible for ensuring the efficient operation of our catering services. Your contributions will have a direct impact on our residents’ dining experience and will contribute to their overall satisfaction. Care UK Plc is the nation’s foremost provider of health and social care services. Committed to providing high-quality care in a variety of settings, including residential care homes and community services, we endeavor to improve the well-being and contentment of those we serve.

Details About Catering Assistant Jobs in UK

  • Company: Care UK Plc
  • Location: UK, England
  • Vacancies Offer: 2+
  • Salary: £11.00 – £21.00 Hourly
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Education: Secondary // Bachelor Degree / Diploma
  • Experience: 1-2 Years of Experience
  • Job Category: Hotel and Hospitality
  • Job Type: Full Time

Benefits Of Catering Assistant Jobs

  • Variable Work Conditions: Catering assistants can work in a variety of environments, including restaurants, hotels, event venues, hospitals, colleges, and corporate cafeterias.
  • Opportunities at the Entry Level: Numerous positions as catering assistants require minimal prior experience, making them accessible entry points into the hospitality and food service industries.
  • Ability Development: Individuals who work as catering assistants gain experience in culinary preparation, customer service, time management, and collaboration.
  • Practical Experience: Catering assistants are frequently involved in food preparation, presentation, and service, gaining valuable experience in the culinary and hospitality industries.
  • Client Interaction: Catering assistants interact with customers, assisting in the development of interpersonal and communication skills while facilitating a pleasant dining experience.
  • Exposure to Creative Cooking: In certain positions, catering assistants may contribute to menu planning and food presentation, exposing them to culinary innovation and creativity.
  • Cooperation: Events and services requiring catering necessitate effective teamwork among employees, nurturing collaboration and camaraderie.
  • Rapid-Fire Environment: Catering can involve fast-paced work during events and peak periods, allowing individuals to develop their ability to work effectively under duress.
  • Adjustable Hours: Numerous catering positions offer flexible hours, allowing individuals to reconcile work with other obligations.
  • Industry Relationships: Individuals who work in catering gain access to a network of hospitality and food service professionals.
  • Foundation for Professional Advancement: Catering assistant positions can be a stepping stone to more senior positions in the culinary arts, hospitality management, event planning, and related disciplines.
  • Exposure to Culinary Developments: Catering assistants are frequently exposed to current culinary trends and practices, allowing them to remain relevant in an industry that is constantly evolving.
  • Customer Gratification: Contributing to successful events and meeting the culinary requirements of customers can result in a sense of accomplishment and job fulfillment.
  • Transferable Competencies: Many of the skills obtained as a catering assistant, including organization, time management, and customer service, are transferable to other industries or positions.
  • Possibilities for Creativity: Catering assistants may have the opportunity to contribute inventive ideas to improve the dining experience, depending on the catering company or environment.
  • Physical and mental quickness: The role frequently necessitates physical activity, multitasking, and situational adaptability, which contribute to overall mental and physical agility.
  • Versatile Knowledge: Catering assistants acquire experience in a variety of food service facets, such as food preparation and event space setup, which can lead to a well-rounded skill set.

Responsibilities of Catering Assistant Jobs in UK

Food Preparation:

  • Assist in the preparation of dishes, adhering to individual dietary restrictions and preferences.
  • Safely handle and store food items according to food hygiene regulations.

Serving Meals:

  • Assist in serving meals to residents, demonstrating courtesy and professionalism.
  • Assist residents with their dining requirements, including slicing food and pouring drinks when necessary.

Dining Room Set-up:

  • Ensure that the dining area is spotless, inviting, and appropriately arranged before meal service.

Cleaning and Dishwashing:

  • Maintain sanitation and hygiene in the kitchen and dining areas, including dishwashing and cleaning of equipment.
  • Maintain a safe and sanitary environment by adhering to cleaning schedules and procedures.

Stock Management:

  • Monitor and replenish food and beverage stock as required, and notify the catering manager of any shortage.

Health and Safety:

  • Adhere at all times to food safety regulations and health and safety guidelines.
  • Report any hazards or incidents immediately to the catering manager.


  • Work collaboratively with the catering team and other staff members to ensure meal service efficiency and rectify any issues.

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Requirements for Catering Assistant Jobs in UK

  • Prior Experience:
    • It would be great if you had experience as a Catering Assistant or in a similar role, but it’s not necessary. Since training will be given, this is a good chance for people who are new to the field.
  • Knowledge of Food Hygiene and Safety:
    • To protect people’s health and well-being, everyone needs to know the basics of food safety and cleanliness. This means knowing the basics of how to handle, store, and keep food clean.
  • Organizational Skills:
    • To handle meal services well, including getting food ready, serving it, and cleaning up afterward, you need to be very organized.
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills:
    • To make sure residents have a good eating experience, you need to have good communication and people skills. This means getting along well and being polite with clients, coworkers, and other staff members.
  • Ability to Work in a Fast-Paced Environment:
    • It is very important to be able to work in a fast-paced environment and handle many jobs at once. It’s important for catering helpers to be flexible and quick, especially during busy meal times.
  • Proactive and Helpful Attitude:
    • Having a proactive and helpful attitude is important, with a focus on giving people excellent service. Catering assistants should be ready to go the extra mile to make sure residents have a great meal.
  • Flexible Work Schedule:
    • Catering services are needed at different times to meet the needs of residents, so you must be able to work different shifts, such as nights, weekends, and holidays.

For More Info:

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Care UK Plc needs dedicated and skilled Catering Assistants to join our team right away and make the eating experience better for our residents. This job offers competitive pay and a wide range of benefits, making it a great chance to move up in the hospitality business. Care UK is dedicated to providing excellent care, and this job offers a rewarding career in a friendly, diverse setting. Apply now to make a difference and grow with the nation’s largest provider of health and social care services, whether you’re a seasoned worker or new to the field.

  1. What does an NHS catering assistant do?

    To load & deliver trolleys throughout the hospital, produce salads, prepare fresh produce, and work within the main kitchen wash-up area. To cover all aspects of the food and beverage service in all ward areas when required.

  2. What is the work of a catering assistant?

    Assisting with the preparation and serving of all meals and beverages to customers. Ensuring that the kitchen and service areas are clean and tidy. Ensuring health and safety regulations are followed.

  3. How Much Do Catering Assistants Make In The UK?

    The average salary for a Catering Assistant is £38,399 per year in the United Kingdom. The average additional cash compensation for a Catering Assistant in the United Kingdom is £17,837.

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