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Chile Work Visa Process – Requirements, Procedure

Chile is a beautiful South American country that is home to about 19 million people. Chile lets any foreign worker who wants to work there apply for a Work Visa. I will show you how to get a work visa for Chile. The Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that 90% of all work visa applications were accepted. Santiago is the capital of Chile. You need a Work Permit to be able to work in Chile.

How you get a work visa for Chile depends on how long you plan to work there. You need a Chile Temporary Resident Visa if you want to live and work in Chile for a year. If you want to work in Chile for more than a year, you will need a Chile work visa, which is also called a “Visa Subject to a Contract.” Here are the requirements for a Chile work visa, how to apply, and jobs in Chile.

Details of Chile Work Visa Process

  • Country Name: Chile
  • Capital: Santiago
  • Continent: South America
  • Visa Type: Work Visa

Who Needs a Chile Work Visa?

Everyone who wants to work in Chile for more than 90 days needs to fill out an application for a Chile Work Visa.

Types of Chile Work Visas

  • Temporary Resident Visa
  • Chile Work Visa

Benefits of Chile Work Visa

  • Legal Authorization to Work: Legal authorization to work in Chile is the principal benefit of a work visa for Chile for foreign nationals. Operating a business in Chile without the appropriate visa is generally prohibited for non-citizens.
  • Employment Prospects Across Sectors: Chile’s expanding and heterogeneous economy offers employment opportunities in the mining, agriculture, technology, and tourism industries, among others. A work visa provides the opportunity to investigate employment prospects across various sectors.
  • Access to Social Security Benefits: The eligibility of individuals with a work visa to access social security benefits, such as health care and pensions, is contingent upon the particular visa category and the circumstances of their employment.
  • Stable Economy: The economy of Chile has garnered recognition for its stability and resilience. Employing in a nation characterized by a robust economic framework can afford one job stability and security.
  • Cultural Experience: A cultural experience of a different kind can be obtained through employment and residence in Chile. The nation is renowned for its vibrant communities, varied landscapes, and extensive heritage. Engaging in labor in Chile provides the opportunity to fully embrace the prevailing local culture.
  • Opportunities for Language Learning: Although Spanish is the official language of Chile, employment there offers an outstanding chance to acquire or enhance linguistic abilities. This can have personal and professional benefits.
  • Life Quality: Chile is renowned for its excellent public services, healthcare, and education, among other aspects of life quality. The nation consistently achieves high rankings in international quality of life indices.
  • Outdoor Activities and Awe-Inspiring Natural Scenery: Chile is endowed with breathtaking natural scenery, including forests, coastlines, and mountains. Those with employment in Chile are afforded the chance to engage in outdoor pursuits and excursions during their leisure time.
  • Multicultural Environment: A multicultural milieu is emerging in Chile, as an increasing number of individuals from different national and occupational backgrounds reside and conduct business there. A dynamic and multicultural environment has the potential to enhance one’s social experience.
  • Opportunities for International Networking: Depending on the sector, employment in Chile could afford networking prospects with experts from various countries. This international exposure may be advantageous for professional development.

Chile Temporary Resident Visa

If you are an international worker with a one-year contract at a Chilean company, you can apply for the Chile Temporary Resident Visa.

Chile Work Visa Process - Requirements, Procedure
Chile Work Visa Process – Requirements, Procedure

Chile Work Visa

You can apply for the Chile work Visa if you are a foreign worker who has found a job with a Chilean company and your contract is for more than one year.

Companies in Chile that Hire Foreign Workers

Some companies in Chile hire people from other countries in famous fields like:

  • Agriculture: Agrosuper, Viña Cono Sur, SQM
  • Mining: Antofagasta Minerals, BHP, Codelco
  • Tourism: LATAM Airlines, Sky Airline, Hotelera Nacional
  • Services: Accenture, IBM, Deloitte
  • Finance: Banco Santander, Banco de Chile, Banco Estado

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Approved Employers in Chile

On the website of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Chile (Ministerio del Trabajo y Previsión Social), the Chilean government keeps a list of employers who have been cleared.

Employers who have been given permission can help foreign workers get work visas. This means they can help foreign workers get the papers they need to properly work in Chile.

Chile Work Visa Requirements

Here are the things that you need to get a Chile Work Visa:

  • A letter from the company in Chile where you work
  • A copy of the work contract will be turned into Spanish.
  • Signed by the company doing the hiring. The Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs must verify the signature.
  • Copies of your degrees, diplomas, or other papers that are important for the job.
  • Picture for a passport.
  • The picture.
  • Certificate from the cops in your country that says you are safe.
  • You must be 18 or older.

Chile Work Visa Fee

The cost of a work visa for Chile is between $50 and $150. After your application is accepted, you only have to pay a fee. If you’re turned down, you don’t have to pay.

Chile Work Visa Processing Time

Your application for a Chile work visa can take up to 15–20 days to be processed.

Visa Duration

The Chile work visa is good for two years, and it can be extended for another two years.

Apply for Chile Permanent Residency

If you have lived in Chile for at least five years on a work visa, you might be able to get permanent status. Chile has the 16th-best passport in the world, and it lets you visit 174 countries without a visa.

How to Apply for the Chile Work Visa

The first thing to do after getting a job offer in Chile is to apply online for a Chile work visa.

  • Site for applying for a Chilean work visa online: Visit Here
  • Fill out the application form online.
  • All other information about work permits can be found at Book an Appointment.

More Info

  1. What is The Chile Work Visa Processing time?

    The cost of a work visa for Chile is between $50 and $150. After your application is accepted, you only have to pay a fee. If you’re turned down, you don’t have to pay.

  2. How can I get PR in Chile? 

    After one year of obtaining a temporary residence, apply for permanent residency. After two years, visit Chile at least once per year. Request an extension of your permanent residency at your nearest Chilean consulate at least 60 days before the expiration of the two years. After five years, apply for naturalization.

  3. How do I get a work visa for Chile?

    Since Chile digitized the application process, anyone looking to get a work permit in the country can apply through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. After submitting the online application, the individual should visit the closest Chile Consulate to get the visa stamped on their passport.

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