European Southern Observatory Internship in Germany – Fully Funded

The European Southern Observatory is what ESO stands for. It is a group of 16 European countries working together as a government. In case you are still looking for a job in Germany, here is another chance. Fill out an application for the 2024 European Southern Observatory (ESO) internship. The ESO is looking for interns to work in their office in Garching, Germany, which is close to Munich. People of any nationality can apply. In general, no country is left out. The ESO will pay for everything for the interns.

There are openings for jobs all the time. People can apply at any time of the year. You can do an internship in Garching, Germany, for 6 months. People who are currently in school or who have recently finished college can apply. There are lots of other jobs in Germany that you can sign up for. Like the Max Planck Internship and the MPIL Internship. Here are more specifics about the internship at the European Southern Observatory (ESO).

Details About European Southern Observatory (ESO) Internship

  • Country: Germany
  • Location: Garching
  • Duration: Six Months
  • Benefits: Fully Funded

Financial Benefits

  • Interns will get money every month to cover their living costs.
  • Interns will have a place to stay.
  • ESO will pay for your trip back to and from your home stop.

Who can Apply?

  • In general, no country is left out.
  • People who are in school or have just finished college with a degree in science, science communication, engineering, or science journalism are desired.
  • Interns should be interested in and know a lot about basic astronomy, like how to look at the stars, how telescopes work, and important heavenly objects.
  • Good English and German language skills.

How to Apply

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The European Southern Observatory (ESO) offers a fully funded internship in Garching, Germany, for individuals interested in astronomy, science communication, engineering, or science journalism. With financial benefits, accommodation, and travel expenses covered, this internship provides a valuable learning experience for candidates from any nationality.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the duration of the ESO internship in Germany?

    The internship lasts for six months, providing interns with a comprehensive experience in the field of astronomy and related disciplines.

  2. Who can apply for the ESO internship?

    Individuals from any country can apply, especially those currently in school or recently graduated with degrees in science, science communication, engineering, or science journalism. Proficiency in English and German is preferred.

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