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HGV Truck Driver Jobs in Northern Ireland 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

The United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland) introduced a scheme of 5,000 temporary short-term visas in the autumn of 2021 to address the shortage of HGV and truck drivers in the food and petroleum industries. This program also introduced a temporary HGV exemption, allowing non-visa national HGV truck drivers to apply for permission at the border and operate there. The New York Times reports that the British government estimates a shortage of 100,000 chauffeurs.

Since the previous year, the Northern Ireland and United Kingdom governments have removed HGV Truck Drivers from the list of occupations eligible for skilled work visas. Still, some companies are willing to sponsor foreign truck drivers or at least assist them in acquiring visas. Truck drivers are compensated handsomely, earning between €11 and €18 per hour in addition to numerous other benefits. Continue reading to learn more:

Details Of HGV Truck Driver Jobs in Northern Ireland:

  • Job Industry: Transport
  • Job title: Heavy Good Vehicles Truck Driver/ Truck Driver
  • Job country: Ireland
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Experience Required: High
  • Knowledge Required: Not High
  • Age Limit: 18-onwards
  • Free Food: Mostly No
  • Free Accommodation: No
  • Free Medical Insurance: Mostly Yes
  • Free Transport: No
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes/ No
  • Salary: between €11-18

Requirements of HGV Truck Driver Jobs in Northern Ireland:

  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a valid driver’s license.
  • Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) is a professional driving qualification.
  • Obtain a full driver CPC by passing five driving examinations.
  • Experience and knowledge of local regulations and truck operations are required.
  • Many employers do not mandate a minimum level of education. However, some employers may require a GCSES or an equivalent.
  • The candidate must speak English fluently. IELTS is required to obtain a skilled migrant visa (if your employer does not sponsor you).
  • Employer-specific requirements for prior work experience vary. However, the duration could range from seven months to five years.
  • To be a truck driver/HGV Truck driver, you must satisfy all visa requirements.

How can I become a free HGV Driver in Northern Ireland and UK?

To become a trained HGV Driver, you can choose from the following options: (a) Skill-Based Boot Camps; (b) Apprenticeship; (c) Vocational Courses; and (d) Driving School Courses. Skilled Boot Camp, a free program spanning up to 16 weeks, is the simplest option. However, these courses are offered in Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom. Therefore, your presence in the United Kingdom (via any visa and stay route) is mandatory.

Benefits of HGV Truck Driver Jobs in Northern Ireland:

  • Compensatory Competitiveness: HGV vehicle drivers, particularly those who possess specialized skills or extensive experience, frequently earn competitive salaries.
  • Maintaining Job Stability: The consistent demand for transporting products ensures that HGV truck drivers have employment stability.
  • A Range of Routes: Automobilists might be allowed to visit various destinations, traverse a multitude of roads, and encounter a variety of topographies.
  • The Concept of Independence: Truck driving can provide a degree of autonomy, given that operators are frequently traversing the road without constant oversight.
  • Adaptable Timetable: Although the schedule may be rigorous, certain truck driving jobs provide some leeway concerning vacation days and work schedules.
  • Benefits Provisions: Numerous businesses offer their truck drivers comprehensive benefits packages, which may consist of health insurance, retirement plans, and additional advantages.
  • Travel Possibilities: Whether by way of their routes, HGV vehicle drivers may be allowed to traverse various states, cities, or even countries.
  • Skills in demand: Due to the intensive reliance of the transportation sector on truck drivers, individuals possessing the requisite expertise and credentials are frequently sought after.
  • Employment Opportunities: The transportation of products guarantees an ongoing need for truck drivers, thereby generating a diverse range of employment prospects within the sector.
  • Stable Sector: The transportation sector is crucial to the economy, and its stability improves the dependability of truck driving employment.
  • Employment Opportunities for Training: Certain organizations offer training programs to individuals who are interested in pursuing a career as HGV truck drivers, thereby ensuring that those with the necessary aptitude can enter the field.
  • Opportunities for Progression: Opportunities for career advancement may be available to seasoned truck drivers, including assuming supervisory responsibilities or specializing in particular categories of cargo.

Northern Ireland Truck Driver Visa Scheme: Online Application form

The UK Truck Driver Visa Scheme (originally launched in 2021) was renewed (now known as the UK Truck Driver Visa Scheme) by Northern Ireland and the UK government’s Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy to invite foreign nationals to fill the gap between the demand and availability of Truck drivers and Lorry drivers in the country’s food processing industry. Under this program, the government of the United Kingdom has pledged to issue 10,500 three-month work permits. The precise eligibility requirements and visa category for this program have not yet been disclosed. It is anticipated, however, that the visas will fall under the T5 Temporary Worker category.


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How to Apply for HGV Truck Driver Jobs in Northern Ireland?

  • By clicking the link below, you will be redirected to the official employment search portal; once there, use the “Apply” button located beneath the job description.
  • To narrow down your job search results, you can also use the search field and the location box. Type your job title, for example, “HGV Truck Driver for foreigners/ with visa sponsorship”, “Truck Driver Jobs in Ireland/ UK for Working Holiday Workers”, “Driver Jobs in Northern Ireland / UK for foreigners with visa sponsorship”, “Driver Jobs Food Processing Industry Ireland/ UK for foreigners / Lorry Driver Jobs UK with visa sponsorship”.
  • Select the desired Irish City in the location bar directly beneath the search field to narrow and refine your search results.
  • As there is a high probability that your employer will note the layout/presentation, it is best to update your CV resume, and cover letter to current market trends.
  • Examine the details of the job posting, such as the job description, requirements, and responsibilities.
  • Make certain you meet all requirements before applying. Examine the job description and its requirements with consideration.
  • Click the button labeled “Online Application” provided below.
  • Provide the requested information and apply.
  • Confirm that you have received a confirmation email for your submitted job application.

More Info

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More Info

  1. How do I become a HGV driver in Northern Ireland?

    Your application and training include:
    Provisional Licence Application forms are completed.
    Our doctor performed a “Fit to Drive” medical.
    Booking DVA Theory tests
    Practical Training.
    DVA Practical Test.

  2. How do I get a HGV license for free in Northern Ireland?

    If you receive Universal Credit, you can apply for government-funded HGV training courses. Click here for more details. This is available in all areas of Northern Ireland for those wanting to complete truck driver training in either Class 2 or Class 1.

  3. How much do HGV drivers get paid in Ireland?

    The average truck driver salary in Ireland is €32,175 per year or €16.50 per hour. Entry-level positions start at €27,427 per year, while most experienced workers make up to €43,013 per year.

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