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Finance Jobs in Luxembourg Visa Sponsorship

Join our fund management team in Luxembourg and help with the big infrastructure and green energy funds from the time they start up until the end. You will be involved in all of the financial and practical tasks of the Luxembourg companies as a member of the Real Assets (Macquarie Asset Management) group.

At Macquarie, our goal is to provide long-term value to our clients, people, and communities. Our team offers global financial services. They have been working in 34 markets for 54 years without stopping. You’ll work in a supportive space where everyone on the team, no matter what job they hold, shares ideas and works to get things done.

Details of Finance Jobs in Luxembourg Visa Sponsorship

  • Position: Finance Executive
  • Work Type: Permanent, Full-Time
  • Location: Luxembourg
  • Category: Accounting & Finance, Resource Management
  • Industry: Banking, Financial Services, Investment Banking
  • Group: Macquarie Asset Management

About Macquarie

If you work at Macquarie, you’ll learn new things, get to know interesting topics and do hard projects that make people’s lives better around the world. Some examples of these projects are paying for affordable housing, building up important infrastructure, or speeding up the switch to green energy. We give people the tools they need to invest in and make a better future.

Macquarie is a global financial firm that helps people handle their money. It does this by managing assets, leasing, trading commodities, developing renewable energy, giving expert advice, raising money, and making principal investments.


Role of the Finance Executive

You will be involved in big business deals like buying assets, getting resources to market, and paying owners back. You may also be in charge of managing and maintaining Luxembourg fund structures in addition to keeping an eye on Luxembourg holding and financing firms.


  • Experience with Accounting: Those who want to apply should have 3–5 years of experience with accounting after they have been qualified. This should show that you know a lot about accounting concepts and practices.
  • Finance or accounting Experience: It’s helpful to have experience with finance or accounting. People who have experience in these areas are better able to handle the business and legal parts of the job.
  • Experience with Commercial Companies: You need to have worked with commercial companies before. Fund organization knowledge is helpful, but candidates who have worked in businesses before are more likely to be able to handle the accounting and financial needs of a wide range of companies.
  • Attention to Detail and Strong Technical Skills: Candidates must pay close attention to details and have strong technical skills. This includes knowing how to use financial software and tools well and being able to correctly handle large amounts of difficult financial data.
  • Handling Complex Structures: You must be able to handle complex group structures and the tax and accounting problems that come with them. The candidates should be able to understand how multi-entity groups work and what their tax effects are.
  • Communication Skills: It’s very important to have good written and spoken communication skills. Candidates must be able to clearly explain financial knowledge, work with others, and talk to clients or other important people.

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  • Financial Analysis: Do a full analysis of the finances to help you make strategic decisions and look at investment possibilities.
  • Budgeting and Forecasting: Create and oversee budgeting processes to make sure that correct financial predictions are made that are in line with business objectives.
  • Risk Management: Protect the company’s investments and money by putting in place strong risk management processes.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Stay updated on financial regulations in Luxembourg, ensuring adherence to legal and compliance requirements.
  • Tax Planning: Develop and implement tax-efficient strategies to optimize the company’s financial position.
  • Financial Reporting: Put together and give detailed financial papers to important people that show how the company is doing financially.
  • Cash Flow Management: Efficiently manage cash flows to maintain liquidity and support ongoing business operations.
  • Investment Portfolio Oversight: Monitor and manage the performance of investment portfolios, making recommendations for adjustments as needed.


  • Flexible and Hybrid Work Arrangements: Employees can get a better work-life balance and the chance to work from home when they need to by having flexible working hours and hybrid work choices.
  • Generous Annual Leave: you get at least 25 days off every year, plus one “wellness” day every year. This gives workers plenty of time to rest and get back to work.
  • Parental Leave: Parents get at least 20 weeks of paid leave to care for their children, and second-caretakers get at least 6 weeks. This strategy makes it easier for employees to take care of their family duties.
  • Volunteer Time Off and Matching Gifts: Giving workers paid time off to do volunteer work and matching gift programs are two ways to get them involved in charitable and community work.
  • Comprehensive Health Benefits: There are benefits for mental, emotional, and financial health, so workers can get the help they need for their overall health.
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP): Employee Assistance Programs offer private help for both personal and work-related issues, which helps workers deal with problems in a healthy way.
  • Recognition and Reward Programs: Programs that recognize and reward employees for their work and efforts make the workplace a better place to be and keep employees motivated.

Visa Sponsorship

Macquarie Asset Management wants to hire a broad group of people, and they may pay for visas for qualified applicants. Sponsoring a visa is subject to the laws and rules of the country where it is being used. People who want to work in the United States and need a visa should talk to the company’s human resources or talent acquisition teams during the application process to get specific information about visas.

How to Apply

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As a finance executive at Macquarie Asset Management in Luxembourg, you’ll have the chance to make a difference at a well-known financial institution around the world. Macquarie Asset Management is the best place for finance professionals to advance their jobs in a fast-paced, global setting because they are dedicated to professional growth, diversity, and inclusion. People who want to work for the company should look at the official website to see what jobs are available and then get in touch with the employment team for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the position being offered?

    The job is for a Finance Executive in Luxembourg, who will work full-time and permanently for the Macquarie Asset Management group.

  2. What are the primary responsibilities of the Finance Executive?

    The Finance Executive is in charge of budgeting, forecasting, managing risks, making sure the company follows the rules, planning taxes, reporting on finances, managing cash flow, and keeping an eye on the investment stock.

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