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Islamabad Police Jobs 2024 – Online Apply 

Contract jobs are open for Ex-Servicemen with the Islamabad Capital Territory Police. There are up to 200 jobs for Special Police Officers. This article tells interested candidates what they need to know about eligibility, salary, required schooling, physical standards, and general instructions.


Special Police Officer Eligibility:

  • Ex-Servicemen who have retired from the military.
  • Salary: Rs. 40,000/- lump sum
  • Education: Matriculation or above
  • Gender: Male


Physical Standards for Male Candidates:

  • Maximum Age: 42 years till the last date of application
  • Minimum Height: 5′-7″ inches for general duty and 5′-8″ for Traffic Staff
  • Chest: 33×34½ inches

Endurance Test: As per departmental criteria.


General Instructions/Information

  • Send your application and the necessary papers to the “Office of the SSP/Logistics, Police Lines, Headquarters, Sector H-11, Islamabad” within 15 days of this ad being posted.
  • Only the people who cut will be called in for tests or interviews.
  • Applications sent by hand will not be accepted or considered.
  • Applications that aren’t complete or are sent after the deadline won’t be looked at.
  • The contract will be based only on how well the work is done, and it can be ended at any time for any reason.
  • No one will get a break on their height, chest size, or age.
  • People who are 6 inches tall and are retired from the Military Police will be given priority.
  • Applicants are supposed to give information that is true. If you give fake information, the right steps will be taken.
  • Applicants must sign an affidavit saying they have never been involved in a criminal case or action. If a person gives a false affidavit, they won’t be able to apply for police jobs in the future, and the law will be broken.
  • Character and academic references will be checked on those who are chosen. If any false information or illegal history is found, the choice will be taken away right away and legal action will be taken.
  • For the final choice, a full medical check must be done by the Federal Government’s medical board or civil surgeon.
  • Candidates who are chosen must follow the rules and laws set by the government about behavior, discipline, and other things.
  • For the written test, the physical/endurance test, and the interview, no TA or DA will be given. The Islamabad Police website is where candidates will find out about changes.
  • Islamabad Capital Police has the right to increase or lower the number of jobs being advertised and to change or stop recruitment at any time.
  • Candidates can call 051-9259397 or 051-9258371 or send an email to “” if they have any questions.

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Benefits of Islamabad Police Jobs:

  • Salary and Allowances: The remuneration offered to personnel of the Islamabad Police is proportional to their official rank and duties. There may also be provisions for accommodation, transportation, and other pertinent expenditures.
  • Job Security: Government positions, such as those within the police force, frequently offer an exceptional degree of job security.
  • Healthcare Benefits: Standard healthcare benefits are provided to police personnel, comprising medical insurance coverage for both the officers and their dependents.
  • Pension Plans: PEOs of the government, including police officers, may qualify for pension plans that furnish post-retirement financial assistance.
  • Training and Development: Opportunities for ongoing training and professional development are frequently made available to police officers to augment their competencies and aptitudes.
  • Equipment and Uniforms: Islamabad Police officers are typically furnished with the equipment, tools, and uniforms necessary to perform their duties.
  • Leave and Holidays: By government regulations, police personnel are eligible for a variety of leaves, including annual leave, medical leave, and others.
  • Social Security: In times of need, employees may be eligible for enrollment in social security programs that offer supplementary assistance.
  • Career Advancement Opportunities: Promotions, specialized training, and additional career development initiatives are a few of the ways in which the Islamabad Police may provide opportunities for career advancement.
  • Community Service: Employment with the police forces affords individuals the chance to contribute to public protection and the enforcement of the law while serving the community.
  • Housing Facilities: Housing facilities or allowances may be made available to government employees, including police officers, in certain circumstances.

How to Apply for Islamabad Police Jobs:

  • Go to the main website: Go to the Islamabad Police website or the appropriate government platform to find out about current job openings and how to apply.
  • Check if you meet the requirements: Read the job ad carefully to find out if you meet the requirements, such as age limit, school requirements, physical requirements, and any other prerequisites that are listed. Before you fill out the application, make sure you meet all of the standards.
  • Get a copy of the application: The registration form can be downloaded from the official website or picked up at one of the offices listed in the ad. Make sure you have the most recent version of the form.
  • Complete the application: Fill out the entry form with information that is correct and up-to-date. Give information like your name, contact information, schooling, work experience, and anything else that is asked for.
  • Get the necessary paperwork: Gather all the documents you need to apply, such as your school certificates, driver’s licenses, proof of where you live, photos, and any other supporting documents listed on the application form or in the ad.
  • Put the papers together: Attach the papers that are needed to the application form. Make sure to put them in the order given and give copies that can be read.
  • Take a look at the application: Check the application form and any papers you attached to make sure they are correct and complete. Look for mistakes or things that are missing that need to be fixed.
  • Send in your application: Send your completed application form and the necessary papers to the place listed in the advertisement. Pay any application fees if they are listed.
  • After sending in the application, keep an eye out for any changes or messages from the Islamabad Police. This can be done by checking the website often or calling the department in charge of hiring to find out about the selection process and deadlines.

More Info

  1. What Are The Criteria For Islamabad Police Jobs?

    Physical Standards for Male Candidates:
    Maximum Age: 42 years till the last date of application
    Minimum Height: 5′-7″ inches for general duty and 5′-8″ for Traffic Staff
    Chest: 33×34½ inches

  2. How To Apply For Islamabad Police Jobs?

    Go to the main website: Go to the Islamabad Police website or the appropriate government platform to find out about current job openings and how to apply.

  3. What are the eyesight requirements for Islamabad police?

    During the medical examination process, candidates with vision ratings below 6/6 will be considered ineligible for service.

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