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Job in Norway For Foreigners 2024 – Apply Now

As a result of Norway’s remarkable economy and exceptionally low unemployment rate, numerous professional prospects exist for foreign nationals in this remarkable nation. The expansion of the global talent market offers growth-oriented companies in Norway a compelling prospect to recruit exceptional new personnel from around the globe.

This webpage contains multiple collections of diverse employment openings in Norway that are accessible to candidates from abroad. Before applying, however, please verify your qualifications.

Norway’s Labor Market

Key Sectors

Norway is home to a strong labor market that is predominantly driven by its energy and maritime, tourism, technology, and oil and gas sectors. There are numerous employment opportunities in these sectors for qualified professionals and foreign nationals.

Trends in Labor Markets

The Norwegian labor market is undergoing a transformation, and sustainability and renewable energy are gaining importance. Career prospects abound in the domains of sustainability, renewable energy, and environmentally conscious practices. Those with an interest in these disciplines will find this to be absolutely fantastic.


Jobs Opportunities in Norway For Foreigners

Employment opportunities are abundant in Norway due to the country’s low unemployment rate and increasing adoption of remote work. The skill and competence requirements of numerous industries in Norway, which are not adequately met by the domestic labor market, have led to a significant influx of foreign labor in recent decades.

Before you can obtain employment in Norway as a foreign national, you must ensure that you meet the prerequisites and qualify to work there. The acquisition of a visa may be necessary, contingent upon the prerequisites established by your country of origin. Additionally, a certain level of education may be required to secure employment with a local employer and establish oneself as a skilled laborer in this country.

Jobs Available to Foreigners in Norway

  • Nursing
  • Engineering Jobs
  • Education Jobs
  • Hospitality Jobs
  • IT Jobs
  • Healthcare Jobs
  • Driving Jobs
  • Jobs in Law
  • Sales Jobs
  • Advertising Jobs

Benefits of Job in Norway For Foreigners:

  • Extremely High Standard of Living: Norway consistently achieves top rankings in global indices of living standards. In terms of healthcare, education, public services, and overall quality of life, the nation excels.
  • Robust Economy: Norway’s economy is robust and consistent, with key sectors including technology, oil and gas, transportation, and fishing. This facilitates employment prospects and contributes to economic stability.
  • The Social Welfare Program: Norway possesses an all-encompassing social welfare system comprising pensions, unemployment benefits, and universal healthcare. These benefits are generally granted to foreign laborers, thereby enhancing their financial security.
  • Life-Work Balance: Prioritized by the Norwegians is a healthy work-life balance. A considerable number of employers place a high value on flexible work arrangements, while the average number of working hours is typically rational, thereby promoting a more harmonious equilibrium between work and personal life.
  • Outdoor and Natural Activities: Norway is widely recognized for its awe-inspiring natural scenery, which comprises mountains, fjords, and the northern lights. Employment in Norway offers prospects for engaging in outdoor pursuits, thereby promoting the maintenance of a fit and dynamic way of life.
  • An Inclusive and Secure Society: Norway is regarded as one of the safest nations on the planet. In a society renowned for tolerance, human rights observance, and inclusiveness, the community extends a warm welcome to people of all backgrounds.
  • English Competence: Norwegian is the official tongue, but a considerable number of Norwegians also speak English fluently. This makes communication simpler for expatriates and facilitates the integration of foreigners into the local community and workplace.
  • An Innovative Workplace Setting: In the realm of technology and innovation, Norway is renowned. Professionalism in Norway, particularly in the fields of research, technology, and renewable energy, can grant one access to state-of-the-art advancements.
  • Equal Gender Treatment: Norway is dedicated to achieving workplace gender equality. The objective of policies and initiatives is to promote gender equality in the workplace by facilitating equal opportunities for both men and women.
  • Progressive Policies on Immigration: The immigration policies of Norway are comparatively receptive to qualified labor. The nation enthusiastically embraces international talent, and specific visa initiatives are strategically crafted to entice foreign experts.
  • Academic Opportunities: Norway offers a superior standard of education, including international universities and institutions, to those with families. A reputation for excellence and an emphasis on critical thinking characterize the educational system.
  • Worldwide Networking: Norway’s strategic location and international business connections present opportunities for global networking. The opportunity to work in Norway could facilitate partnerships with international firms and professionals.

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Foreigners with Job Opportunities in Norway

Ensuring the provision of appropriate benefits may potentially enhance the desirability of your services in one of the most competitive labor markets globally. Consequently, in order to attract the most talented individuals Norway has to offer, it will be necessary to surpass mere compliance with legal obligations.
In its capacity as an employer, Microsoft values diversity.

Irrespective of protected veteran status, political affiliation, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, age, ancestry, color, gender identity or expression, genetic information, marital status, medical history, national origin, physical or mental disability, or protected veteran status, all qualified candidates shall be given equal consideration for employment.

Technology Specialist

They are seeking the next great thing to guide the digital transformation of their rapidly expanding enterprise clientele in Norway. This pertains to both consumer and business clients. In your role as a Technology Specialist (low-code) on the Microsoft Business Applications enterprise sales team, you serve as a functional business process and technical burden specialist who collaborates with our largest clients.

You assist them with their end-to-end business transformation requirements by conceiving, developing, and demonstrating solutions that correspond to a business value within your area of expertise. This is a crucial step in the sales cycle.


  • Primarily, experience in technical consulting, technical presales, or a related field of expertise.
  • Additionally, business acumen and relevant low-code labor experience with at least one of the following: post-sales consulting, technical and business process presales, and implementation or management of pertinent company/customer IT applications.
  • Within the broader opportunity lifecycle, the development and implementation of a solution strategy
  • Furthermore, engage in cooperative efforts with sales executives and fellow group members to identify, promote, and efficiently safeguard pipeline and client solutions.
  • Additionally, extensive correspondence with technical research teams developing cloud-based client solutions
  • Additionally, experience collaborating with clients or interested parties on pre-sales or advisory tasks pertaining to the responsibilities of business applications.
  • Likewise, a track record of effectively demonstrating the worth of innovative resolutions and a competitive advantage
  • Providing technical workload demonstrations to customer-focused business decision-makers first and foremost

Account Managers in Public Sector Organizations

Three account executives, also known as client executives, are required by the division of Microsoft Norway responsible for enterprise accounts in the public sector. They are establishing two distinct domains within their vertical: one dedicated to electricity and utilities, and the other specifically designated for the police, immigration, and judicial sectors. Additionally, they are recruiting for the position of Account Executive for Public Transport and Logistics in our region.


  • Demonstrated expertise in spearheading digital transformation for a number of years in a relevant industry (e.g., technology, consulting, government, education, or power & utilities).
  • Additionally, a master’s degree in business, technology, or a related field is required.
  • Additionally, a limited number of years experience spearheading digital transformation initiatives in a pertinent sector (e.g., manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, government, education, technology, or power & utilization) is required.
  • Similarly, an Account Executive with Sales Experience who is fluent in both Norwegian and English and has led and coordinated a remote team to meet objectives.

Azure Sales Expert

Microsoft is seeking a Solution Area Specialist to collaborate with some of the largest Norwegian clients and oversee the foundation of Azure. In addition to this, you will be entrusted with duties pertaining to technical proficiency, exceptional sales performance, and various other obligations.


  • Above all else, a minimum of four years of experience in account management or technology-related sales.
  • Furthermore, a bachelor’s degree in business administration, information technology, computer science, or a closely related discipline is required.
  • Furthermore, a background in account management, solution marketing, or the sale of technology-related products and services.

Frontend Engineer/Senior Frontend Engineer

A UX engineer is being sought after by Microsoft to join their search experiences division. The position will entail the development of exceptional cross-platform user experiences through the implementation of TypeScript and React.


  • For the purpose of establishing feature requirements, coordinate product management and design.
  • Collaborate with partner teams responsible for hosting our user experiences in order to validate and incorporate shipment components.
  • Furthermore, strategize and implement functionalities in order to enhance performance, testability, and shared code.
  • In addition, strengthen our software engineering processes in tandem with the introduction of enhancements to more than forty Microsoft products and all platforms.
  • Above all, develop, expand, and impart your knowledge of technology.


  • Expertise in the development of React applications or experiences. Both seasoned developers and up-and-coming talent are in great demand.
  • Additionally, develop web applications that employ JavaScript and TypeScript. It is advantageous to have knowledge of Web components, React Native, and other contemporary web technologies.
  • Moreover, enthusiastic about developing products that provide superior user experiences.
  • Additionally, a responsible and empathetic team member who can complete assignments and watch out for teammates.

Specialist in Security Technology

You will augment the expertise of a virtual team comprising sales, technical, partner, and consulting resources with respect to cloud security, extended detection and response (XDR), and zero trust.


  • Critical requirements include a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or a closely related field, in addition to substantial experience in technical presales or technical consulting.
  • Furthermore, a master’s degree in computer science, information technology, or a closely related discipline is an essential requirement.
  • In addition, technical guidance, expertise in presales, or a comparable background


The average annual compensation in Oslo, Norway, is approximately 31,000 NOK after taxes. with one of the highest average monthly salaries among capitals in Europe, exceeding 3600 USD.

More Info

Norway presents foreign laborers with exceptional employment prospects across a diverse array of sectors. This location is highly desirable for individuals desiring to pursue employment overseas due to its hospitable work atmosphere, exceptional quality of life, and awe-inspiring scenery. Commence the process immediately if you desire to emigrate to Norway in order to better your future.

  1. How can a foreigner get a job in Norway?

    If you come from a country outside the EU/EEA and wish to work in Norway, you need a residence permit. If you do not already have a residence permit, you must apply for one for work. Previously, this was called a work permit.

  2. Can a Pakistani get a job in Norway?

    You need an active residency permit or work permit in order to be eligible for work in Norway. That means, prior to applying for Norway jobs for foreigners, it is essential to have the proper documents for immigration.

  3. What jobs are most in demand in Norway?

    Around three-tenths of the Norwegian workforce is employed in the public sector, in areas such as health and education. There is particular demand for skills in nursing, medicine, tourism, engineering, oil and gas, the fishing industry, building and construction, and IT and communications.

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