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Part Time Jobs in UK for International Students 2024

As an international student, studying in the United Kingdom is a rewarding experience, and part-time employment can provide valuable opportunities for personal and professional development. If you are an international student seeking part-time employment in the United Kingdom, you have a variety of options to choose from.

This article discusses popular part-time jobs for international students, including warehouse storekeeper, server/waitress, kitchen helper, retail counter clerk, bar assistant, nanny jobs, live-in nanny, and general farm worker.

Benefits of Part Time Jobs in UK for International Students:

  • Financial Assistance: Frequently, international students have limited financial resources, and part-time employment can provide much-needed income to cover living expenses, transportation costs, and even a portion of tuition fees. This financial assistance can alleviate the burden of student loans and family support.
  • Accumulating Work Experience: Students can acquire valuable work experience in their chosen field or in various industries through part-time employment. This experience will enhance their resume, increase their employability, and provide insight into the British job market.
  • Developing soft skills: Working part-time can help students develop important soft skills, including communication, time management, collaboration, problem-solving, and customer service. Prospective employers place a high value on these transferable skills.
  • Cultural Diversity: Part-time employment in the United Kingdom affords international students the chance to interact with locals and immerse themselves in the local culture. This can enhance their language skills, cultural awareness, and overall community integration.
  • The value of networking: Students can develop a professional network by interacting with coworkers, customers, and supervisors at their part-time jobs. After graduation, these connections can be useful for finding internships and full-time employment opportunities.
  • Time management improvement: Work-study balance teaches students valuable time management skills. The capacity to efficiently divide time between work and schoolwork can improve academic achievement.
  • Better Confidence: Managing a part-time job successfully can enhance a student’s confidence and sense of independence. Additionally, it can help them acclimate to new obstacles and become more resilient.
  • Fiscal Accountability: Managing income from a part-time job teaches students financial responsibility. They gain essential life skills such as budgeting, saving, and planning for their future.
  • Post-Study Employment Possibilities: The United Kingdom provides post-study employment opportunities through programs such as the Graduate Route, which permits international students to work in the United Kingdom for two years following the completion of their studies. Possessing prior work experience in the United Kingdom can make it simpler to find employment during this time.
  • Contribution to CV and Bibliography: Part-time employment in the United Kingdom can improve a student’s curriculum vitae (CV) and serve as a reference for future job applications. Employers frequently favor candidates with prior work experience in the country.

List Of Part Time Jobs in UK for International Students:

1. Warehouse Storekeeper

Working as a warehouse storekeeper affords the chance to gain inventory management, organization, and logistics experience. You will be responsible for receiving, storing, and monitoring inventory as a warehouse storekeeper. This position requires meticulousness, organization, and the capacity to operate in a fast-paced environment.

2. Server/Waiter/Waitress

Working as a server, waiter, or waitress in a restaurant or café enables you to develop excellent customer service skills and acquire industry knowledge. As a server, waiter, or waitress, you will receive orders, serve food and beverages, and ensure that customers have an enjoyable dining experience. This position requires excellent communication skills, the ability to multitask, and a pleasant demeanor.


3. Kitchen Helper

If you have a passion for cuisine and the culinary arts, working as a kitchen helper can be a fantastic career option. As a kitchen helper, you will assist chefs and kitchen staff with food preparation, washing, and supply organization. This position offers hands-on experience in a professional kitchen as well as the chance to acquire a variety of culinary techniques.

4. Retail Counter Clerk

You can gain experience in customer service, sales, and retail operations by working as a retail counter clerk. As a retail counter clerk, you’ll assist customers, manage transactions, and maintain a tidy and organized store. This position requires excellent communication skills, a friendly demeanor, and the ability to operate in a dynamic retail setting.

5. Bar Assistant

An intriguing opportunity for students interested in the hospitality industry and nightlife is working as a bar assistant. As a bar assistant, you will assist bartenders in preparing and serving drinks, maintaining sanitation, and delivering superior customer service. This position requires multitasking skills, drink preparation knowledge, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

6. Nanny Jobs in UK

Students who appreciate working with children will find rewarding experiences in nannying. As a nanny, you will provide care and support for children, such as by assisting with assignments, participating in activities, and ensuring their health. Employment as a nanny requires patience, responsibility, and a genuine concern for the well-being of children.

7. Live-in Nanny

Positions as a live-in nanny offer the opportunity to interact closely with a family and become an integral part of their daily lives. As a live-in caregiver, you will reside with the family and provide 24-hour care and support for the children. This position requires a high level of accountability, adaptability, and a caring personality.

8. General Farm Worker

General farm worker positions can provide students interested in agriculture and outdoor labor with hands-on experience in the agricultural industry. You will assist with duties such as animal care, crop harvesting, and farm maintenance as a general farm worker. This position requires physical stamina, an enthusiasm for agriculture, and a willingness to labor outdoors.

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Part-time jobs in the United Kingdom afford international students valuable opportunities to acquire practical experience, develop essential skills, and earn income while studying. Each position provides unique experiences and learning opportunities. As an international learner in the United Kingdom, be sure to check work restrictions and acquire the necessary permissions. Explore these part-time employment opportunities and maximize your time as a student in the United Kingdom.

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People Also Ask:

  1. How much can an international student earn in the UK part-time?

    A student is allowed to work up to 20 hours each week. The areas most students work in are bars, restaurants, supermarkets, university unions, etc. After getting your national insurance number and a driver’s license, you can easily earn $200–300 each month.

  2. Can international students get part-time jobs in the UK? 

    International students in the UK have a great opportunity to gain valuable work experience and earn some extra money by taking up part-time jobs. In the UK, you will find a wide range of part-time job opportunities that suit different skills and interests.

  3. How much can an international student earn in the UK? 

    There is no limit on the maximum amount of money that an international student can earn in the UK. Since salary or remuneration is fixed based on an employee’s skills and value addition, there cannot be a maximum wage rate or salary amount that can be earned.

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