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Deloitte One Young World Scholarship 2024 – Fully Funded

One Young World Summit is an upcoming yearly event in Montreal that will bring together students, leaders, speakers, volunteers, and guest speakers from more than 190 countries to make the world a better place. The Deloitte One Young World Scholarship is open to people from any country. The goal of One Young World is to find the world’s most important young leaders from every country. Everything will be paid for by Deloitte in partnership with the OYW.

It is the biggest summit for young leaders in the world. Young leaders who apply for Deloitte Scholarships focus on solving problems. They can do this by lowering the causes and effects of climate change or by making education, skills, and opportunities better in their towns, countries, or the world as a whole. Here are more specifics about the OYW Summit.

About Deloitte One Young World Scholarship

  • Summit Country: Canada
  • Dates: 18 – 21 September 2024
  • Who can Apply: Open to all Nationalities

About Deloitte Scholarship

We need to work together to make the future better for everyone and the world because the problems we face are getting more complicated.

At Deloitte, we think it’s our duty to create a better, more sustainable world where everyone is free to be themselves and reach their full potential.


Five great young leaders will be able to go to the One Young World Summit in Montreal, Canada, from September 18th to September 21st, 2024, thanks to the Deloitte One Young World Scholarship.

Financial Benefits

  • Get into the Montreal One Young World Summit.
  • Hotel room in a private building from September 18th to September 21st, 2024, if possible.
  • How much it costs to get to and from Montreal in economy class
  • Food service for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (served by the hotel and at the Summit)
  • Moving from one Summit site to another on the ground.

Profile of a Participant for the Deloitte Scholarship

The scholarship is seeking candidates who have demonstrated commitment to

  • Start, expand, or back attempts to lower carbon emissions.
  • Technology, activism, community programs, policy, nature-based solutions, and other related efforts can help lessen the bad effects of climate change.
  • Give people in your town or around the world the tools they need to do something about climate change.
  • Make plans and strategies to lessen the effects of natural disasters caused by climate change and boost resilience.
  • Make it easier for people who might be left behind by the fast-changing global economy to get an education, learn new skills, or find work. For instance, women and girls, as well as poor young people.
  • Give people chances to improve their skills or learn new things throughout their lives to get ready for the future workforce, even in places where there aren’t enough qualified people.
  • Encourage people to start their own businesses or look for new jobs, or give them chances to get around traditional barriers to work.

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Benefits of Deloitte One Young World Scholarship:

  • Financial Aid: The bursary provides financial coverage for all expenses associated with participating in the One Young World Summit, encompassing delegate fees, lodging, and travel. Using this financial assistance, young leaders are able to attend the summit without having to endure the associated financial strain.
  • Gaining Entry to an International Platform: The One Young World Summit convenes young leaders from across the globe to devise resolutions to urgent global challenges at this esteemed international forum. By granting recipients access to this platform, the scholarship enables them to interact with policymakers, change agents, and influential leaders.
  • Networking Opportunities: Scholarship recipients will have the privilege of connecting with fellow delegates, industry experts, and representatives from Deloitte and other partner organizations through the summit’s unparalleled networking opportunities. These connections may facilitate career opportunities, mentorship, and collaborations.
  • Leadership Development: The summit offers a range of activities, including seminars, panel discussions, and skill-building sessions, that are specifically structured to augment the leadership capabilities of the attendees. The opportunity to develop leadership skills, broaden one’s knowledge, and obtain insight into global issues and trends is extended to scholarship recipients.
  • Gaining Exposure to Diverse Perspectives: Delegates hailing from various cultural contexts, academic fields, and social strata convene at the summit. Recipients of scholarships are afforded the chance to confer knowledge with and gain insights from their peers, each of whom contributes distinctive experiences and viewpoints.
  • Inspiration and Motivation: Young leaders who are enthusiastic about effecting positive change in their communities and beyond find the summit to be a source of inspiration and motivation. Scholarship recipients can be invigorated and empowered to effect change by listening to motivational lecturers and studying successful social impact activities.
  • Access to Support and Resources: Prior to, during, and subsequent to the summit, scholarship recipients are granted support by Deloitte, which comprises mentorship, resources, and guidance to assist them in optimizing their achievements and making a significant impact.
  • Recognition and Visibility: Young leaders who are effecting positive change in their communities receive recognition and visibility by virtue of being named Deloitte One Young World Scholars. Their demonstration of dedication to social responsibility establishes them as prospective frontrunners in their respective industries.
  • Personal Development and Growth: Enrolling in the summit and contributing to dialogues concerning worldwide issues have the potential to foster personal development and growth. Recipients of scholarships are afforded the chance to expand their intellectual horizons, doubt their preconceived notions, and cultivate a more profound comprehension of intricate matters.
  • Profound Projects and Initiatives: Attendees of the summit are motivated to formulate strategic plans and undertake endeavors that effectively tackle urgent worldwide concerns. Recipients of the scholarship can utilize the knowledge and understanding gained at the summit to effect critical change within their respective organizations and communities.

Eligibility Criteria for the Deloitte One Young World Summit

  • At the time of the One Young World Summit, they were 18 to 30 years old.
  • Anyone from any country can apply for the Deloitte Scholarship, but the projects must take place in a place where Deloitte has a presence.
  • shown dedication to bringing about good change.
  • shown the ability to be a leader.
  • Know about important problems in your area and/or around the world.

How to Apply For the Deloitte OYW Summit?

To apply for the OYW Summit, you must do so online. All you have to do is send in the whole application. Here’s the link to the main site.

More Info

  1. What is the One Young World Scholarship?

    One Young World strives to identify the most impactful young leaders from every country in the world. Scholarships provide the opportunity for exceptional young people to attend because of their proven leadership and ability to create change in their home country.

  2. What is the age limit for One Young World?

    Participants in the annual summit typically range in age from 18 to 30 years old.

  3. What is the Deloitte One Young World Summit?

    Every year, OYW organizes a global summit that unites 2,000 young leaders from all over the world, providing them with a unique opportunity to inspire positive change, enhance their leadership abilities, and expand their global networks.

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