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Hotel Cleaner/Housekeeping Attendant Jobs in Australia For Foreigners

If one wants to work and live in Australia, looking for a hotel cleaner or housekeeping attendant position with sponsorship of a visa can be advantageous. What amazing employment offers these are! Since many people come to Australia in search of habitats, the population of the country has grown, and hotels are now seeking guests. You should carefully study this article if you wish to apply for a position as a hotel cleaner or housekeeping attendant.

Details of Hotel Cleaner/Housekeeping Attendant Jobs in Australia For Foreigners

  •  Country: Australia
  • Job Title: Cleaner/Housekeeping attendant
  • Accommodation: Yes
  • Experience: 1-2 years
  • Language: English

Why is Australia offering Jobs with Visa Sponsorship?

Australia needs people working in the hotel sector. For those looking for cultural variety and work experience, it can be a great choice that will also prepare them without breaking the bank for living in Australia. For many people with poor attitudes and minimal credentials, a highly sought-after profession in the service sector and Australia seems like a fantasy. On the other hand, a visa sponsorship can start a life-changing adventure for someone with the right qualifications and positive intentions about seeking hotel cleaner or housekeeping attendant jobs in Australia.


There are certain criteria for various jobs of hotel cleaners or housekeeping attendants operating in Australia with regard to visa sponsorship.

  • First and foremost, one crucial need for the applicants is a work visa. For this kind of work, a Working Holiday or Temporary Skill Shortage visa is the usual visa granted.
  • While it might not be necessary, earning a certificate or diploma in housekeeping or hospitality could be beneficial in other ways.
  • Moreover, as they will deal with visitors on a daily basis, applicants should possess excellent communication abilities.
  • It is highly appreciated if one has an inbuilt attention to detail and can operate well under pressure.

Role of hotel cleaner/housekeeping attendant jobs

  • Housekeeping attendants and hotel cleaners are crucial members of the team. Along with helping to maintain the workplace order, they carry out other tasks:
  • A big part of creating happy and comfortable moments for guests arriving at the hotel is played by these committed experts.
  • They have to keep every room in the house or hotel they work in hygienic and clean.
  • Reasonably work within their timetable.
  • handling the cleaning and washing of the carpet, dishes, floors, and more.


  1. Stable Employment and Fixed Wage: Sponsored jobs give financial security and peace of mind by ensuring ongoing work at a set salary.
  2. Accommodation and Food Privileges: Free or heavily reduced housing and meals are common benefits of many hospitality jobs, particularly for those working in hotels or resorts. Living costs can be greatly lowered and comfort levels increased.
  3. Cultural Exposure and Personal Development: People from all cultures can be encountered by those in the hospitality sector, both as guests and coworkers. This exposure helps people develop personally, increases knowledge of other cultures, and extends viewpoints beyond national borders.
  4. Visa Sponsorship for Easy Living: Visa sponsorship makes it easier to live and work in Australia, a nation renowned for its stunning scenery, energetic cities, and excellent quality of life. This creates opportunity to travel, go on adventures, and live life directly in other areas.
  5. Skill Development: Opportunities to hone important abilities like teamwork, time management, attention to detail, and great customer service are presented by hotel occupations. These are transferrable and useful abilities in a variety of other professional contexts outside the hotel sector.

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What is the salary of hotel cleaners and housekeeping attendants in Australia

Australian housekeepers make, on average, $65,325 a year, or about $33.5 an hour, making it a competitive industry. The entry-level job pays $55,091 a year, while the elite staff members can earn up to $107,114.

Types of hotel cleaner/housekeeping attendant jobs

For those who want to move to Australia and reside there, the finest careers are those in hotel cleaning and housekeeping attendant since this nation provides a variety of visas for employment. Star hotels to specialized lodgings are among the options. The most noticeable one is room and especially cleaning service, which entails staff keeping hotel rooms and public areas clean and looking good overall. They make sure that every room is furnished, sanitized, and cleaned well enough. They could also have to help with washing and tidy up guest rooms.

How can one discover jobs as a hotel cleaner or housekeeping attendant in Australia that sponsor visas?

For those who like to work while traveling, there are cleaner or housekeeping attendant positions in Australia that sponsor visas.

  • It is recommended to have first search points go online to job boards and websites that specialise in Australian hospitality jobs.
  • On websites like Seek, Indeed, and Gumtree, where there is a variety of work options, housekeeping positions in the hospitality sector are occasionally visible.
  • Visit the websites of respectable hotel or resort businesses as well to see if they have any employment opportunities for those who can be sponsored for a visa.
  • Networking is also essential to the chances since LinkedIn and interacting with individuals at employment or hospitality fairs provide useful leads.
  • Recruiters that specialize on hospitality placements should be contacted as they may have positions that qualify for visa sponsorship.
  • Note that you should tailor your cover letter and CV to emphasize your pertinent experience.

How to I apply?

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In Australia, careers as hotel cleaners and housekeeping attendants provide steady work, set pay, free lodging and meals, exposure to other cultures, personal growth, easy living visa sponsorship, and chances for skill development. Competitive pay ranging from $55,091 to $107,114 yearly, these positions offer a route for people to live and work in Australia while taking advantage of a variety of hospitality-related employment options.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the benefits of hotel cleaner/housekeeping attendant jobs in Australia?

    Benefits include stable employment, fixed wages, accommodation and food privileges, cultural exposure, personal development, visa sponsorship for easy living, and skill development opportunities.

  2. What is the salary range for hotel cleaners and housekeeping attendants in Australia?

    Australian housekeepers earn on average $65,325 per year, with entry-level positions starting at $55,091 and elite staff members earning up to $107,114 annually.

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