Sedhr Punjab GOV PK Leave Application 2024 greets you. Login to HRMS. The login page for HTTPS // is shown below. HRMS Electronic Leave will be available. Apply through CNIC by clicking on the link. Casual leave requests can now be made online by education department employees, thanks to the Punjab government’s decision to accept them through an internet site.

The Punjab Ministry of Education has planned to make it simpler for students to take leaves by using HRM. HRMS Online Leave Application on this website via CNIC. HRMS stands for Human Resources Management System. This webpage contains a link to the HRMS online leave application. Apply for a leave of absence on HRMS Punjab here.

HRMS Online Leave Apply:

The School Education Department of the Government of Punjab has launched an online application form for C-Leave, which employees can use to apply for C-Leave. Visit the official website of HRMS Punjab. How to Apply for Casual Leave Using HRMS; Visit the HRMS website at

Sedhr Punjab HRMS Gov Pk Login:

Teachers in Punjab’s public schools can take advantage of the HRMS’s 24-hour casual leave option. The system will route your request/application to the appropriate authorities. You can expect a response from individuals in positions of responsibility within twenty-four hours. The primary goal of this post is to provide information on leave requests on the HRMS and the Punjab website.


Apply for Leave On Hrms Punjab:

You will be able to take online leave with SIS and HRMS. Android users can access mobile HRMS and SIS apps. SIS or HRMS mobile applications.

Sedhr Punjab GOV PK Leave Application:

Teachers in the school’s education department must request time off online. By creating this program, the Punjab government has taken a significant step toward assisting the school education department’s employees. Please alert SIS or HRMS administration if any errors occur. Certain employees may refuse applicants for casual leave.

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Leave Online through SIS & HRMS:

The HRMS Portal may be found at Log in with the username and password supplied in the instructions. Click on My Services, then My Leave Services to access My Leave Services. Then, select the Apply Online Leave option. Fill out the form with the required information. After double-checking everything, press the submit button. Following that, you must hand over the data to the person responsible for taking the necessary action.

How to apply for Leave on HRMS Punjab?

  • First, go to and sign in to your account.
  • If the official website is not responding, please use the link provided below.
  • Fill out our online application forms with the essential information.
  • Enter the type of leave.
  • Mention the required leave to form (leave term).
  • Mention the number of days
  • The reason for the leave
  • Date of submission
  • Choose your seat’s name.
  • Select the Apply for Leave option.

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HRMS Online Leave C-Leave HRMS Punjab Portal:

The online application for HRMS Leave C-Leave can be accessed here. Step-by-step guidelines for instructors on how to apply for online leave. You can check the status of your HRMS leave request online to see if it has been approved or denied.

HRMS Online Leave C-Leave HRMS Punjab Online:

Apply For Hrms Leave In Punjab… Visit the HRMS website at Fill in your SIS Punjab Mobile App account information. Leave HRMS Login for Teachers at Leave HRMS Login for Teachers at

Apply Online For Casual Leave – Sedhr Punjab Gov Pk:

HRMS will be used to apply for C-Leave. Visit the HRMS Punjab website to discover more about the organization. To use the app, you must input your CNIC and Password, which are also your SIS App Username and Password. The Leave Request option can be located on the Side Menu. Fill out the form, then press the Process button.

https // login:

Education Department In Punjab, the leave system has been digitalized. Previous applicants were asked to wait and submit money in order to be granted leave. However, in recent years, the government has streamlined the process of requesting leave.

How to Apply For C-Leave on HRMIS Punjab Online?

  • Enter your username here.
  • Enter your password (if you have forgotten your password, use the reset password option).
  • Choose a name for your assigned post.
  • Click the login button and wait a few moments. login:

Teachers and non-teaching workers in the school education department can apply for leave online. Face-to-face meetings are no longer required by the CEO. The AEOs/Headmistresses/Headmasters have a 24-year window in which to reject the leave application. or Teachers can apply for leave.


The School Education Department of the Punjab Government has made a C-Leave application available online. A brief leave of absence from teaching obligations, known as a “C leave,” may be granted by the government for a variety of reasons. All teachers and school education department employees in Punjab can now apply for C-Leave/E-Leave using HRMS Punjab. HRMS Punjab’s official webpage. Sedhr.Punjab.Gov.Pk Online Leave Login. Navigate to My Services, then My Leave Services. Then select Apply for Online Leave.

How to apply for leave on hrms punjab?

leave HRMS Login for Teachers — leave HRMS Login for Teachers

  • Go to to access the HRMS Portal.
  • Log in with your username and password.
  • Go to My Services, then My Leave Services.
  • Select the Apply Online Leave option.
  • Fill in the blanks with the necessary information.
  • Check the information and then click the submit button.

Apply Online For Casual Leave by Sedhr Punjab Gov Pk:

You can examine all of your personal information, including your academic record and career history, via the SIS (school information system) app. Teachers in Punjab’s school education department may apply for C-Leave. Your username is your national identity card (CNIC) number, and your password is assigned by the department.

How to hrms login?

  • Please go to to access the HRMS Punjab website..
  • Enter your CNIC and Password, as well as your SIS App Username and Password.
  • Then, select Leave Request. On the side menu.

Online Leave application for school:

Within the next 24 hours, your Headmaster/Headmistress/AEO/Authority will make a judgment on your application. This article will illustrate how to file a leave request using HRMS Punjab’s web interface, SIS. Approval or rejection of an application will be informed through text message to both the authority and the applicant. The many features and elements of the site are listed below. A human resource management system (HRMS) website. stats:

Employees can download SIS and HRMS mobile applications to their Android handsets. Employees in the School Education department must make an online request to take time off. The Punjab government has taken a laudable step in favor of those who work in the province’s education system. Applicants who believe they have been the victim of an error or omission should contact the administrative personnel at SIS or HRMS. Authorities may deny casual leave applications on occasion.

HRMS leave application approved: is a website where teachers can apply for leave online. Teachers in Punjab can now take unpaid leave on a temporary basis, thanks to Human Resources Management. Teachers in Punjab can now make an online request for C leave through Non-teaching personnel of the Punjab School Education Department may use this website to apply for leave. Examine how to apply for an online leave on HRMS.

How to apply for Medical Leave on SIS Punjab:

With the rise of digital technologies Teachers in Punjab can now request leave online through Punjab Human Resource Management. Any educator can easily use the left gateway. is accessible online; nevertheless, if you are unsure how to access it, please read this page thoroughly. login:

In this post, we’ll go over all you need to know about teacher online time off. This page has been updated to contain all of the online leave information. Punjabi primary and secondary school teachers will be allowed to order vacation time online for the first time in history. In the past, teachers had to make numerous journeys to various offices to request leave. You can apply for casual leave online. login:

To request c leave over the Internet, teachers must first access HRMS Punjab. If you are using the service for the first time, you must establish an account and enter your login information. To create an account on, please follow the steps below. transfer stats:

The SIS mobile app for C-leave can also be downloaded from the SIS website. It’s free to download from the Google Play store. Input your leave type and duration, as well as the reason for your absence, and write down your reporting time when you return. Finally, all that remains is to click the “Submit” button. Your leave request will be addressed by the appropriate authorities within 24 hours.

Punjab HR Login:

To begin your session, sign in. The password was forgotten. Log in. Please contact if you have any problems or questions. login:

Your request for leave will be accepted or declined via text message. Your AEO/Head of Institution has the ability to approve or deny your leave application within the time range specified. Your SIS account will reflect the total amount of leave you have available as well as the amount you have previously taken. Instructors, thank you for visiting the Pk leave login page! We hope you found this information useful. login:

The HRMS has been updated to contain personal information for all Punjab government employees. The Human Resources Management System (HRMS) of Punjab is abbreviated as HRMS. leave:

The HRMS website can be found at By selecting “Teaching Staff,” you can access HRMS with your SIS Punjab Mobile App account credentials (CNIC and password). Select the Leave Request category from your account’s upper right corner. Select the Apply option. Make certain that you completely fill out the application form. leave login:

CL can be obtained online by completing the Application Form and clicking the Process button. After completing the application procedure, you will receive an email informing you of your success. hrms:

The Punjab government’s School Education Department has made C-Leave forms available online. Simply put, teachers can use their C-leaves for a variety of objectives. All school staff and teachers in the Punjab School Education Department can now apply for C-Leave and E-Leave through HRMS. HRMS Punjab is the name of the website.

042-35880062 (Ext. 1222 & 1223) is the phone number to call for assistance.

People Also Ask:

  1. How do I apply for casual leave on HRMS?

    You may apply for casual leave online by accessing the HRMS website at inputting your SIS Punjab Mobile App login information (CNIC + Password) and choosing the Teaching Staff choice to log in to the HRMS Account. After that, open the Leave Application option and click the Apply Leave button.

  2. How do you request half-day leave for personal reasons?

    Format for requesting a half-day leave for personal reasons
    I’m writing to ask for a half-day leave of absence for [date] to go to a personal event. The event is important to me, and I have made arrangements for my work to be covered when I am away.

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